PÖTTINGER Online Advent Calendar 2019

A warm welcome to PÖTTINGER's great Advent calendar. Win great prizes every day up to and including 24 December 2019.

  1. Click on the right bauble on the Christmas tree every day.
  2. Fill in the participation form.
  3. We will pick a winner every day. 

We wish you a happy Advent and much success.  


Date Name Prize
1. Stuart Barr Backpack
2. Allen Horrod Tape measure, cap grey
3. Thomas Hooper Cool bag
4. James Carter Wristwatch
5. Michael Hayball Thermos flask
6. Joan Hewes Bath towel
7. Neil Kendall Writing case
8. Andrew Wolfe Sports bag
9. Matt Samuel Weather station
10. Julian Cooke Cap
11. Oliver Haines Jeans cap (contains 2)
12. Stuart Rennie Straw hat + Sunglasses
13. Judi Martin BOSS Alpin
14. Gill Clark Weather station
15. Eddie Ellis Ballpoint pen + Notebook
16. Colin Blackwell Ruler (inches) + Cap grey
17. Sarah Thomas JUMBO 1:16
18. Lorraine Thornes Rain gauge + Rain poncho
19. Chris Hannam Cheese board
20. David Maybin Hip flask
21. Helen Lloyd IMPRESS
22. Luanne Calvert AEROSEM
23. Alastair Pettit PÖTTINGER spirit
24. Sean Wilband First prize: Loader wagon for pedal tractor