The new TOP 662 side rake

The new TOP 662 side rake

Take your performance to top level

With the new TOP 662 Pöttinger offers a more compact side rake to round off the range consisting of the two larger TOP 722 and TOP 812 rakes, all of which are characterised by perfect ergonomics, top performance and advanced technology to conserve the ground and forage. 


Ingenious design details for more convenience and efficiency

This side rake features two TopTech+ rotors with a working width of 6.55 m. Particular attention has been paid during its development to compact dimensions, rapid deployment and excellent ergonomics. The transport width can be selected at 2.55 or 2.9 m while the transport height is below 4 m. This means you can drive from one field to the next without removing tine arms and will save time and money as a result. To increase operating convenience even further, the new TOP 662 is designed for right-hand placement, matching the right-hand configuration of all the tractor controls. The driver always has a perfect view of the swath. 

At headlands the rake is easy to manoeuvre. High manoeuvrability is ensured by the tight turning angle and - for a side rake - surprisingly compact dimensions. Two matrix-controlled valves ensure perfect sequencing at the headland. This intelligent stepping sequence control can be adjusted to the individual user’s needs and is active at the headland when both raising and lowering - ensuring that the rotors are raised and lowered at the right time. The TOP 662 provides high clearance at the headland too. Combined with a perfect stepping control, swaths remain intact when driven over, no soil enters the swath and the swath can easily be picked up on the next pass. Because the swaths are intact and are perfectly formed, this can have a decisive influence on the performance of harvesting machinery.


Neat work

The new side rake is equipped with the new TopTech+ rotor unit, each with 12 tine arms: the 3.07 m diameter of the rotor unit plus the large cam track with its smooth transition ramps ensure uniform tine control. The wide spacing of the tine arm bearings 510 mm ensures very high strength and the highest possible reliability.  The tine arms are easy to replace using just two bolts. If a collision should occur, a damaged tine arm can easily be removed and replaced. This is another positive contribution to ensuring the reliability of the machine. The cam track can be adjusted according to changing forage volumes and harvesting conditions. The rotor transmission unit is extremely rugged with the gears submerged in oil and completely sealed. A large diameter gear wheel guarantees smooth running and a long service life. The complete system is fully encapsulated and sealed to keep out dust. The new rotor unit guarantees higher productivity, strength and reliability at the same time as enhanced service friendliness.


Pöttinger offers a wide selection of rotor chassis: from the standard 3-wheel chassis (with a Multitast jockey wheel as an option) through to the 5-wheel chassis (tandem axle version), likewise with or without the Multitast add-on. The slant angle of the chassis can be adjusted using offset bolts. This selection ensures operators will find the right chassis for their soil and working conditions. Best forage quality is achieved thanks to perfect ground tracking provided by a cardan shaft with a pivot angle of +/- 5 degrees and the unique field-proven Pöttinger Multitast ground tracking wheel.



Easy to operate

The TOP 662 features a hydraulically adjusted swath curtain as standard. This has two major advantages: the position of the swath curtain can be fine-tuned to the swath volume and can be fully retracted hydraulically for transport so that the transport height remains below 4 metres. TOP 662 rakes are also available with an individual rotor lifting system to rake leftover areas. The two rotors can then be lifted and lowered independently of each other. 

The chassis is fitted with large tyres for road transport and, thanks to its steered axles, follows the tractor precisely. The steering linkage joints are maintenance-free. Lighting and mudguards are standard equipment and there is a selection of different tyre options available to ideally suit your operating conditions.