Awesome innovations for Pöttinger loader wagons

Awesome innovations for Pöttinger loader wagons

The innovations extend from completely new models such as the EUROPROFI combiline to numerous new features implemented right across the loader wagon range.

Pöttinger - the world leader in loader wagons - brings an awesome array of innovations onto the market. The innovations extend from completely new models such as the EUROPROFI combiline to numerous new features implemented right across the loader wagon range. We present the most interesting highlights.


PRIMO with the new PROFIMATIC plus

The new PROFIMATIC plus loading system is especially smooth running and extremely durable. It features self aligning roller bearings for the central tube the same as on rotor wagons as well as a machined cam track. The unit is available with six or eight conveyor tines. The external lubrication line ensures optimum maintenance convenience.

New ground tracking roller on pickup

A completely new development, this ground tracking roller is available for all rotor type loader wagons (FARO, EUROPROFI, TORRO and JUMBO, including all combiline versions) from this autumn. It features a 540 mm wide roller positioned behind the pickup to improve ground contour tracking. The parallelogram linkage on the additional pickup tracking roller and adjustment system, which is independent of the jockey wheels at the front, are unique. This guarantees excellent floating suspension. The pickup roller can be set up to 50 mm higher. Top performance is achieved especially in very wet conditions with deep tractor wheel grooves - no sinking into tyre marks with precision depth control in all situations. As a result, the raw ash content of the forage is significantly reduced. Consequently, clean forage promotes higher milk yield to increase success.

New wider cross conveyor belt

A new 890 mm wide cross conveyor belt is now available for the PRIMO, FARO, EUROPROFI and TORRO series (instead of the 500 mm on previous models). The 34% larger side opening ensures higher unloading performance and more forage throughput whilst reducing the risk of clogging. A side curtain for covering the opening is also available. The new cross conveyor belt features a speed sensor so that the beater rotors only switch on while the conveyor belt is running. A second sensor detects whether the cross conveyor belt is retracted or extended. The tailgate can be adjusted during operation using buttons mounted on the side of the loader wagon.

Top class convenience with Power Control Wireless

The Power Control Wireless system is designed to provide top class convenience while operating the cross conveyor belt. Using Bluetooth, the system can be operated without the need for obstructive cables up to a range of 100 metres. Power Control Wireless features an internal, protected antenna, a battery charge indicator, an intelligent charge management system and a replaceable rechargeable battery. The charger is located in the tractor cab and also serves as the signal transmitter.

Electronic steered axles for JUMBO and JUMBO COMBILINE

The highest possible level of driver comfort and safety were the main factors in developing high performance loader and silage wagons because they need to operate at driving speeds of up to 65 kph with a laden weight of up to 31 tonnes. That is why Pöttinger developed the electronic steering system. This system is available for all hydraulic axle units on Tandem or Tridem versions of the JUMBO loader wagon range.

Unlike mechanical steering systems, this electronic steering system transmits steering pulse signals from the tractor via a rotary angle encoder mounted in the drawbar to the steering computer. The heavy duty K50 steering linkage controls the rotary angle encoder. This means that no stresses build up during operation and there are no wear points. Depending on driving speed, the steering computer controls the steering cylinder on the steered axle on tandem wagons and both steered axles on tridem wagons. This ensures optimum driving stability at high travelling speeds and enhanced safety on the road. Tyre wear is also reduced.

A key advantage of the new electronic steering system is the steering angle of up to 60 degrees without a linkage getting in the way. The unrestricted turning angle is ideal for narrow entrances to fields and farmyards.

On Tridem chassis the linkage is only on one side. This makes it much easier to connect to the tractor.

A manual steering lock can be activated in certain situations such as on slopes in the clamp by pressing the 'Lock axles' symbol on the control panel.

If the electronic system fails for any reason, the steering computer automatically switches to safety mode so that the steered axles are trailed. An error message is displayed on the control panel and a buzzer sounds if this happens.


Supersized - the largest loader wagon pickup in the world

JUMBO loader wagons are now even more powerful and more efficient; with the new, wider 2360 Super Large pickup Pöttinger has managed to yet again increase the capacity of the loader wagon. This guarantees that the loader wagon ideally matches the performance of high output mower combinations with collector swath placement and large rakes.

Thanks to integrated feed augers, the new pickup ensures uniform crop flow across the whole width of the loading rotor. All the knives on the rotor receive a consistent quantity of forage to ensure optimum chopping quality. This results in turn to more effective filling of the loading chamber. Following the swath around corners is also much easier for the driver. The maximum overall width for road transport of 2.55 metres is also maintained with the new pickup.

The new 2360 Super Large pickup features hydraulically folding jockey wheels that can be operated easily and conveniently from the driver's seat. Changing between road transport and loading position is effortless. The new design of jockey wheel mounting ensures optimum ground tracking of the suspended pickup even in the toughest operating conditions. The proven transverse freedom of movement on the pickup minimises raw ash entering the flow of high quality forage.


More convenience and safety

As standard, the JUMBO and JUMBO combiline now feature an automatic transport position. This raises the drawbar so that the wagon is level. The drawbar suspension is active. In the loading position the drawbar is lowered again together with the pickup. In addition to making the drive more comfortable, it is also safer on the road.

The new high quality camera system available on all rotor type wagons from the Faro to the JUMBO also improves safety. Two versions are available - the complete video system with a camera, connecting cable and monitor, or the complete system with an additional camera. A connecting cable for the CCI terminal can also be obtained from Pöttinger spare parts, while a connecting cable for the tractor ISOBUS is a standardised commercial part.

Pöttinger has yet again reinforced its reputation as the global leader in loader wagon technology, offering about 60 models of loader wagon, each designed for specific customer needs: whether in the mountains or on the plains, in every country from northern to southern Europe and from America to Asia. Whether family run businesses, contractor, or large-scale enterprise – Pöttinger loader wagons cater to everybody's needs and are manufactured on the most modern assembly line in the world. Success speaks for itself. Today, Pöttinger loader wagons are number one worldwide.