Every 2nd JUMBO is now super-sharp

Every 2nd JUMBO is now super-sharp

More convenience and safety during sharpening thanks to AUTOCUT, the fully automatic knife sharpening system

Only really sharp knives can guarantee optimum chopping quality, lower power consumption and increased output. A conventional sharpening process takes quite a long time. Having investigated this issue, Pöttinger launched at AGRITECHNICA 2009 the innovative AUTOCUT system - an automatic knife sharpening system fully-integrated into JUMBO and JUMBO COMBILINE loader wagons. This system has proved to be highly successful, with every second JUMBO now super-sharp with AUTOCUT.   

The sharpness of the knives deteriorates continuously during intensive operation. Conventional methods involve removing the knives from the loader wagon so that they can be sharpened in the workshop. That is why this complicated knife change normally only takes place once, at the end of a working day. This means the power requirement goes up by 15 to 20 percent. The increase in diesel consumption increases in direct proportion.

AUTOCUT is the solution: fully automatic sharpening on the Pöttinger loader wagon guarantees the knives are always sharp during operation. Power requirement and therefore fuel consumption are around 10 percent lower as a result. Time spent on maintenance is greatly reduced (by about 45 minutes per day), because automatic sharpening can take place during a break and the driver does not need to clean and grind the knives after a long working day. The advantage for the contractor is obvious: sharpened knives are ready for each customer's job and the driver gets top marks for chopping quality and efficiency. As far as safety is concerned, AUTOCUT wins two-fold: the driver is protected against injury because the system is completely automatic and flying sparks are reduced to a minimum.

Full-length sharpness

The knife bank folds back automatically and the driver starts the sharpening process from the side of the wagon. The pressure applied to the sharpening disc as it moves back-and-forth along the full length of the knife blade can be adjusted to the level of wear. The number of sharpening sequences and the sharpening of individual knife groups can be set individually. The sharpening process for 45 knives takes around 4 minutes.  Following the successful introduction of this unique sharpening system to the JUMBO range, the engineers at Pöttinger have now developed the system for TORRO loader wagons. Satisfied farmers all over the globe attest to the extraordinary convenience, enhanced safety and huge savings enabled by AUTOCUT, a patented innovation by Pöttinger, the world leader in loader wagons.