New: Hydro-pneumatic chassis

New: Hydro-pneumatic chassis

Additional types of chassis for FARO and EUROPROFI

The new hydro-pneumatic chassis is now available for FARO, FARO COMBILINE and EUROPROFI COMBILINE loader wagons. Increased stability on slopes and driving stability at high travelling speeds are ensured by the chassis suspension, which provides enhanced control and safety. 

The huge advantage of this next-level development is the innovative design of the axle steering and suspension layout. 



The axle is steered using a longitudinal linkage - a decisive advantage with this innovative hydro-pneumatic suspension chassis. The suspension has the effect of an anti-roll bar system. 

As a result, the chassis is extremely stable on slopes and enhances driving safety at high transport speeds. 



Thanks to the application-specific tuning of the suspension using independent accumulators for empty mode and full load mode, the feel of increased driving comfort and control is impressive.