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If you need technical assistance, all you need to do is call for our service partner to be at your side, supported by one of our own service technicians if needed - quickly, reliably and expertly. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Technical service


Rapid problem solving: Because time is money  

Because machine downtime causes trouble, so it is important for us to provide a rapid response to any problem. Together with our dealerships, we will try to find a solution to get your machine running again as soon as possible. 


Best service for the best machinery 

Durability, reliability and maximum uptime are the key features of PÖTTINGER machines. If technical problems do develop, however, our local dealership is available on-site. PÖTTINGER Customer Service provides support for special technical issues – PÖTTINGER service technicians are on the move worldwide for you.


Up-to-date instruction manual:
Can be viewed anytime online

Many questions can be answered by a good instruction manual. That is why at PÖTTINGER you can download all instruction manuals free-of-charge from our website.


Download area

Service partners


We are where you are. 

Our dealerships are available on-site as your service partner. In more than 60 countries worldwide we guarantee to provide the best possible service. Do you have a technical problem or would you like to order parts and wear parts?

Service partner search

Professional and reliable

Each machine sold is the beginning to a long-term and sincere relationship between PÖTTINGER, our service partners and you. With our service partners, you always have a professional and reliable go-to person at your side. Thanks to ongoing training sessions hosted by PÖTTINGER, the people at our dealerships are experts at handling our machines and provide the basis for your success. 


Professional machine handover by service partner 

When the machine is handed over it is optimised for your farming business:

  • Presentation of instruction manual
  • Connect machine to your tractor and set up the machine correctly for high efficiency and work quality
  • Check all machine functions
  • Explanation of maintenance and service checks
  • Safety instructions.


Our service partners:
Highly trained and informed

Our service partners need well-trained employees to ensure that your machine operates trouble-free. Our dealerships can find out from our online PARTNERPORTAL about the latest training courses on offer and immediately register at any time. The portal also provides them with ongoing technical updates for our machines. As a result, we can guarantee that you are assisted by highly trained service personnel on site.

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