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Your specialist for the best working results

Visit PÖTTINGER in Hall 27, Stand F49 and experience agricultural engineering for the best working results live. 

When we develop our products we focus on reliability, cost effectiveness and obtaining the best working results. We support our customers in harvesting the best forage and conserving soil health for the best soil. These factors are also the basis for your success. At our trade fair stand we will be presenting an interesting selection from our comprehensive range of products for grassland, tillage and drilling. 


Best working results

Your specialist for the best working results

How the best base forage affects milk yield and your business

High quality base forage is the cornerstone for healthy livestock and a profitable business. Location, operations management and harvesting technology have the greatest influence on quality. Find out here how you can achieve the best working results to obtain the best forage.



New: NOVADISC 222 to 352

New: NOVADISC 222 to 352Rear mowers with side pivot mounting - cost effective and ideal for working on steep terrain

Rear mounted mowers with side pivot mounting:

  • Cost effective and suitable for slopes – lightweight construction – fuel-saving and smooth running - large freedom of movement.
  • Unique suspension springs – adjust weight alleviation without the need for tools – uniform ground pressure – minimises wear and reduces power requirement.
  • Safe and practical – folds through 102° for compact transport on the road – optional parking stand for space saving stowage.
  • Long service life – robust driveline – belt tension set using back tension idler – reliable power transmission. .

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New: NOVACAT / EUROCAT ALPHA MOTION PRO Perfect ground tracking - even more convenient

Unique ground tracking - now even more convenient

  • The proven ALPHA MOTION headstock with active suspension frame.
  • New: Folding front guard, three-point linkage, central greasing point on the headstock.

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New: NOVACAT 302 CROSS FLOW The ingenious auger now available as a 3 m version

Swath merging without a conditioner

  • Cost effective swath merging using a cross flow auger.
  • Multiple application possibilities: Intelligent swath placement or field border mowing with the rear panel closed - open panel for wide blanket.

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New Generation of JUMBO loader wagon

New Generation of JUMBO loader wagonHigh performance silage wagon

  • Efficiency and power: The high-performance JUMBO loader wagon series delivers impressive pick-up and loading performance for maximum output.
  • The highest quality forage and silage: The best possible working results at a consistent chopping performance – JUMBO delivers the best possible forage quality.
  • Reliability: The highest reliability and high performance forage collection, even in difficult harvesting conditions – that was what the JUMBO series was designed for.
  • Cost effectiveness: The loader wagon process guarantees the best quality forage and silage at low harvesting costs and high output. This makes the loader wagon process the cost effective harvesting process of the future.

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PÖTTINGER means business:  the new IMPRESS 185 VC PRO

PÖTTINGER means business: the new IMPRESS 185 VC PROHigh output baler/wrapper combination for large farms

  • Maximum versatility: For wet or dry conditions, in straw, hay or silage – IMPRESS offers a reliable bale start in all operating scenarios.
  • The highest forage quality: IMPRESS offers perfect ground tracking, cleanly collected crop and the best silage quality.
  • Reliability: The natural crop flow guarantees a reliable bale start thanks to the optimised bale start volume.
  • Convenience: The highest possible level of safety and convenience with maintenance taking place at an ergonomic workbench height outside the bale chamber.

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AEROSEM: New part width section control

AEROSEM: New part width section controlFor homogeneous crop development and seed savings

  • Automatically switching on and off of the sections at the virtual headland line.
  • Reduction of overlap in wedge-shaped fields.
  • Uniform plant densities.
  • Optimisation of profitability of harvested crop:
  • No unripe ears due to too dense crops.
  • No variation in grain moisture during harvesting.
  • Precise seed placement along the headland line.
  • Saves seed.

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New: TERRASEM with FERTILIZER PRO coulterPÖTTINGER mulch seed drill with direct fertilisation

Mulch drilling with direct fertilisation:

  • Using direct fertilisation enables fertiliser to be deposited at the same time as drilling the seed.
  • This achieves optimum growth conditions during germination and helps boost overall yield.
  • The placement depth of the fertiliser and seed can be set independently of each other.
  • High coulter pressure and reliable penetration of the single-disc coulter.
  • Fertiliser is placed in rows between each second row of seed. Variable placement depth down to 10 cm.
  • Rapid changeover with divided seed hopper with folding partition for fertiliser and seed.
  • Flat discs with sealed bearings.
  • Plenty of clearance to the side – unrestricted flow of soil.

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Digital agricultural technology

Digitalisation in agriculture

The spread of digitalisation in agricultural technology means that it is becoming increasingly important to link the individual systems as a network and to create standards for different manufacturers. Data exchange between the individual components is made possible thanks to PÖTTINGER’s cooperation with reliable service providers and brings advantages for farmers.


At PÖTTINGER, we offer you numerous possibilities in the field of digital agricultural technology that make your everyday work easier. As a result this enables you operate more efficiently and conveniently.


Intelligent operation

Intelligent operationConvenient operation without ISOBUS and ISOBUS terminals EXPERT 75 /
CCI 1200

  • Convenient operation without ISOBUS
  • ISOBUS terminals EXPERT 75 / CCI 1200
  • How machine and tractor communicate, even if they are from different manufacturers

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Precision farming – soil and seed

Precision farming – soil and seedIntelligent tillage and drilling

  • Comprehensive range of intelligent solutions for tillage and drilling
  • SEED COMPLETE – Precision Farming package
  • Camera supported seedbed preparation

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Precision farming – grassland and harvesting technology

Precision farming – grassland and harvesting technologyIntelligent electronic features for quality forage

  • Steering angle controlled side shift / Automatic ground pressure control
  • Intelligent trailed axle / loading torque sensor

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Data management

Data managementGenerate, transfer and benefit from data

  • agrirouter – data transfer
  • NEXT Machine Management – data processing

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Parts / Service

Best availability of 50.000 parts

Durability and top performance - characteristics that PÖTTINGER is committed to delivering. We ideally match all spare and wear parts to your machinery's overall system. This means that different soil and operating conditions often need to be taken into consideration. We have been listening to our customers and now offer three different lines - CLASSIC, DURASTAR and DURASTAR PLUS - to make sure you have the right part to meet every requirement. Original parts are worth every cent, because Know-how cannot be copied.

The advantages of PÖTTINGER Original parts:

  • Immediate and long-term availability.
  • A perfect fit avoids problems.
  • The best working results thanks to optimum match to the overall system of the machine.
  • Save time and costs thanks to longer replacement intervals on wear parts.
  • Attractive and competitive prices


CLASSIC – The classic benchmark specification

CLASSIC – The classic benchmark specificationThe CLASSIC line is for standard duty applications

Application area

  • Standard soil conditions.
  • Normal stress on parts during operation.

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DURASTAR – Keeps its promise

DURASTAR – Keeps its promiseDURASTAR is the innovation on the wear components market – durable, high quality, productive and reliable

Application area

  • Soil conditions that cause above average wear.
  • Parts designed to withstand high stress on contractors' machinery and machinery ring equipment.

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Toughest jobs without limits

Toughest jobs without limitsThe DURASTAR PLUS line meets all your challenges effortlessly

Application area

  • Soil conditions that cause extreme wear.
  • Designed for the toughest jobs for large farms and contractors.

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  • These points keep a consistent length for their whole service life.
  • Two separate hardened metal plates
  • Scale shape reduces friction wear
  • Recessed bolts
  • Thicker point material

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Focused on the future

Success with powerful performance


 PÖTTINGER is an Austrian family-owned company that contributes to a sustainable increase in effectiveness, efficiency and quality in agricultural production and that acts as a partner on whom its customers can rely.
People come first as far as PÖTTINGER is concerned. Many of the employees have their roots in farming. That is why they know what agricultural machinery needs to do from their own experience. The combination of employee know-how and the ongoing integration of experience and wishes from our customers is the guarantee for professional solutions - for tomorrow's challenges.


Annual report

Annual reportPÖTTINGER continues on course of growth - Turnover increases yet again

Continuing on a course of growth:

  • Successful developments in all segments
  • Increasingly dynamic worldwide
  • Successful developments in all segments
  • Increasingly dynamic worldwide

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PÖTTINGER: Green light for St. Georgen plant

PÖTTINGER: Green light for St. Georgen plant

Investing in the future: PÖTTINGER, a company with a long tradition, is committed to its location in Austria

  • Supporting solid growth
  • Investment in the future
  • Creating value in the region
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Where the joy of working grows

Where the joy of working growsDoes your enthusiasm for work have PÖTTential? Discover your new field of work at one of our 14 sales, service & spare parts locations. We would be very pleased to hear from you.

Where the joy of working grows

  • A global player with the atmosphere of a family business
  • Development and production of premium products with a real purpose
  • Responsibility and participation, freedom for ideas

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