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ALPHA MOTION technology: The best forage thanks to perfect ground tracking




PÖTTINGER mowers deliver the highest quality results thanks to the best ground tracking and precision operation without time-consuming set-up work, achieving optimum forage quality for the best forage in the business.  

For many years, farmers all over the world have been enthusiastic about the revolutionary PÖTTINGER front mower technology integrated into the NOVACAT and EUROCAT ALPHA MOTION. With the new PRO and MASTER models, the joy of mowing takes on a new dimension. The new PRO models - like the MASTER models - are mounted on the tractor using a three-point linkage. The Weiste A-frame system will no longer be required in future.


ALPHA MOTION MASTER front mowers feature a more compact headstock and are now 34 cm closer to the tractor. Because more weight acts on the rear axle of the tractor, you get event better driving performance. The power requirement is lower, which is why lighter three and four-cylinder tractors can also be used. In addition, the new mower is lighter. A conditioner is not available on this model.

The new NOVACAT ALPHA MOTION PRO front mower features a new design, delivers the first-class ground tracking you expect from our machinery. At AGRITECHNICA 2019, this unique front mower was awarded Machine of the Year 2020. The central greasing point on the headstock and the removal of the front guard make maintenance, blade changes and cleaning much more convenient. You can mow without a conditioner, with swath formers or with a conditioner.

The new PRO and MASTER versions include the proven kinematics of the active support frame: the ALPHA MOTION headstock enables the entire support frame to adapt to the ground contours. Each movement controls the carrier frame to ensure a "floating cut". The carrier frame slants downwards on downhill gradients and upwards when ascending. The system delivers outstanding sward protection, even at high speed and on wet ground. Ground tracking thanks to a freedom of movement of +16°/-7° crossways & +13° in the direction of travel (MASTER) and +16°/-9° crossways & +12° in the direction of travel (PRO) is simply unparalleled.


Sharp blades for the best forage


In order to protect the sward and increase the forage quality as a result, additional sharp blades are essential. These are made of high-quality knife steel and can be changed quickly and easily. 

The engineers at PÖTTINGER have also come up with a new look. The new models are eye-catchers with their very sleek, modern design. 

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