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New LION 103 power harrow series

New LION 103 power harrow series

The PÖTTINGER "lightweights" for versatile operations

PÖTTINGER has extended its range of LION power harrows: the new series is a "lightweight" compared to conventional power harrows and offers two versions - the LION 103 and the LION 103 CLASSIC. The CLASSIC version is available with working widths of 2.50 m with 8 rotors and 3 m with 10 or 12 rotors. The LION 103 features a working width of 3 m with 10 or 12 rotors, or 4 m with 14 rotors.

The main advantage of the new series is its reduced weight and the resulting lower lifting power needed. The new gear trough is closer to the front of the machine and slanted to the rear to optimise weight distribution. The gear trough has also been redesigned to include features such as weight-optimised bearing units, integrated tine carriers, large dimensioned tapered roller bearings and labyrinth seals. The cover, which is made out of 3-mm thick aluminium plate, is now slanted. Not only does it look sleeker, it also contributes to reducing weight as well as having the advantage of reducing contamination.


LION 103 CLASSIC is the lightweight power harrow series, ideal for small, 4-cylinder tractors. These machines are only available with the CLASSIC gear box for up to 140 hp. The PTO shaft stub is located well back to ensure smooth running and full overlap of the PTO shaft splines. Cooling fins ensure reliable operation even when working long hours. The CLASSIC gearbox has a set transmission ratio and rotor speed. At a PTO speed of 540 rpm, the rotor speed is 185 rpm; at 1000 rpm it is 342 rpm. The CLASSIC gearbox is not fitted with a through-shaft. The side plates can be folded up into the transport position to guarantee the transport width is less than 3 metres. These are also lightweight and equipped with an automatic adjustment system so that they ideally adjust to each working depth. The side plates are secured in their limit positions using linch pins. The CLASSIC version also features a simplified guide bracket for the levelling board. However, as a consequence it is not possible to fit track eradicators to the power harrow.


The LION 103 series is equipped with the proven interchangeable gear unit designed for tractors with 180 hp (3 m working width) and 200 hp (4 m working width). These machines thus cover the mid-range tractor class. The interchangeable gear system has the same key features as the CLASSIC version (cooling fins, PTO shaft stub located far back, etc.), and in addition offers a wider range of rotor speeds. By changing the bevel gears, rotor speeds can be varied between 153 and 209 rpm at a PTO speed of 540 rpm and between 283 and 387 rpm at a PTO speed of 1000 rpm. A PTO through shaft is also available as an option on the interchangeable gear unit. Side struts are fitted to the LION 403 to provide sturdy support when combined with a seed drill (PÖTTINGER VITASEM or AEROSEM). This series can be fitted with all the equipment options available for the LION 102 series. As a result, a wide selection of rear rollers is available to meet all specifications.

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