TOP 652 side rake

TOP 652 side rake

Cost-effective rake with a low power requirement

The new cost-effective PÖTTINGER TOP 652 side rake with a working width of 6.40 m delivers its full performance with a horsepower requirement of just 60 hp. With a turning angle of 66 degrees, the TOP 652 is manoeuvrable and suitable for a range of applications. That is pure efficiency. 

This new side-mounted rake delivers high raking quality, perfect ground following and minimum forage contamination. The front rotor diameter is 3.00 m, with 3.15 m at the rear – fitted with 10 and 12 tine arms respectively. 

Perfect ground tracking thanks to MULTITAST

The 5-wheel active chassis is standard with two tandem axles each and an offset MULTITAST jockey wheel in front of the arc of the tines to guide the rotor over every undulation. The MULTITAST wheel makes the support triangle much larger. This allows the rotors run smoothly and suppresses vibrations. On an upward slope the MULTITAST wheel lifts the rotor ensuring the ideal gap between the tines and the ground so the tines do not penetrate the ground. Clean forage is guaranteed as a result. On a downward slope the MULTITAST wheel guides the rotor downwards and prevents raking losses. Because the rotors are mounted in gimbals, they can adjust to all inclinations of up to +/- 5 degrees. The result is the ultimate in ground tracking. 260/70-15.3 tyres are standard.


Convenient and cost effective

The transport height of the TOP 652 is below 4.00 m with all tine arms fitted. This means that you can conveniently drive from one field to the next without having to remove tine arms. This saves time and significantly increases the productivity and cost effectiveness of the rake. 

Operating the rake is straightforward and is activated using a single-acting connection. For turning and transport, both rotors are raised one after the other controlled by a step valve. Thanks to improvements in the hydraulic system, the TOP 652 can be operated with very low hydraulic pressures and is therefore an ideal match for any tractor.

The drive technology on the TOP 652 featuring CV jointed shafts runs in impressively straight lines for smooth running and durability. Each rotor is protected individually. The cam track is high strength. The heart of the machine is the TOPTECH PLUS which has proven its reliability in the field. The diameters of 3.00 and 3.15 m as well as the cam track without steep inclines provide the tine arms with maximum strength and minimum stress on the arm bearings. If a collision should occur, a damaged tine arm can easily be removed and replaced using just two bolts. This is another positive contribution to ensuring the reliability of the machine. The cam track can be adjusted according to changing forage volumes and harvesting conditions. The rotor gearbox unit is extremely rugged with its gears submerged in semi-liquid grease and completely sealed to keep out dust. A large diameter gear wheel guarantees smooth running and a long service life. The complete system is fully encapsulated and sealed to keep out dust. The new rotor unit guarantees high output, strength and reliability at the same time ensuring easy maintenance.

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