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Hydraulic depth adjustment on the SYNKRO 1030 stubble cultivator

Hydraulic depth adjustment on the SYNKRO 1030 stubble cultivator

This new feature offers additional convenience

The three-row SYNKRO 1030 stubble cultivators (rigid and trailed) are now available with hydraulic depth adjustment as an option to allow infinitely variable response to changing soil conditions. 

One double-acting spool valve provides infinitely variable adjustment of the working depth from the tractor cab while driving. During stubble cultivation, more compacted areas can be tilled deeper to loosen the compaction. An added convenience is the automatic adjustment of the concave discs. Despite the change in working depth, no adjustment is needed to the levelling tools. That's a real benefit. A scale, which is clearly visible from the driver's seat, indicates the current working depth. 
The jockey wheels on trailed implements are adjusted automatically. Consistent depth control can be guaranteed thanks to the rear roller and the jockey wheels. 
It is also easier to detach the machine because lowering the roller hydraulically takes the weight off the top link.


Very shallow tillage is also possible

The tillage tools on the SYNKRO models are easy to set to very flat but full area tillage, which is ideal for incorporating cover crops in the spring. The leg can be set to three different positions. The wing position can be set for very shallow tillage (1 cm) to create a level and smooth surface finish.   


Impressive results confirmed scientifically

Scientific soil scan tests confirm the efficiency of the SYNKRO cultivator. Soil profiles were created and the work results analysed in detail during a joint study together with the independent Institute of Education and Research in Wieselburg (AT). 


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