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Satisfied customers are the best proof of quality

Satisfied customers are the best proof of quality

We value the opinion of our customers

The satisfaction of our customers is important to us. We are interested in which areas we already deliver impressive performance, and where we can still improve. That is why for more than ten years we have been actively and regularly asking our customers what they think. The surveys take place in two steps: The initial survey a few months after the machine is handed over to the customer deals primarily with the purchase, delivery and first impression of the machine. The second survey focusses on the quality of service and spare parts.

We have again received an above-average number of responses, for which we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much. With a rating of 6.5 on a scale of seven, overall customer satisfaction with PÖTTINGER machines in 2019 has reached its highest level since the first survey in 2008. Moreover, 91 percent of customers also stated that they would recommend their machine to others. Our products score top marks on reliability, outstanding work results and design. A survey of long-standing customers shows that satisfaction with the machines after the fifth season is even higher than in the year after purchase, and that reliability is rated particularly highly. The number of very satisfied customers rose by 14 percent compared to the first survey in 2015.

When it comes to service and spare parts, most of our customers stay with us and remain loyal to their PÖTTINGER dealership. Our Swiss customers are the most satisfied in terms of their dealerships. In general, farmers value the professional expertise of their dealers and we would also like to thank our dealerships for their excellent customer service. 

While we are of course very pleased with these results, we want to improve even further and are taking targeted steps based on our customer feedback. All comments and suggestions are forwarded to the relevant people within the company.

As a thank you for taking part in the survey, there was a prize draw with a EUR 500 voucher for spare parts as the main prize. The lucky winners are Hausmann/Schuster machinery ring in Austria and Family Clerc in France.



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