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Sleek and lightweight

Careful mowing is the guarantee for high quality forage. First-class cutting quality, low drag resistance and stability are the trademarks of Pöttinger mowers. These disc mowers from Pöttinger are a productive and cost-effective alternative to more expensive specialist equipment: mow perfectly with the best-selling NOVACAT Front classic mower and NOVADISC rear disc mower.

The NOVACAT 306 F classic is extremely compact and lightweight thanks to the implementation of aluminium. With a working width of 3.04 metres, this sleek mower manages to cut 3 hectares per hour. With the front-mounted classic version, Pöttinger has built a lighter machine that still delivers excellent performance and stability. The mower is designed for tractors with 60 hp (44 kW) upwards.

NOVACAT 306 F classic

NOVACAT 306 F classic

NOVADISC mowers are rear-mounted, smooth-running and are without an inside skid, available with cutting widths of 2.20 m to 3.88 m. Because the cutter bar is driven from behind the first disc, there is no risk of blockages. When it is lowered, the cutter bar contacts the ground on the outside first, protecting the sward. The cutter bar is raised using a single-acting hydraulic connection.



Here are the advantages of this unique cutter bar for best cutting quality and grass sward protection:
  • Optimum crop flow thanks to streamlined surfaces on the mower discs.
  • Optimum counter-chop area: The slanted leading edge of the cutter bar allows the earth to flow beneath, separating it from the crop. There is also hardly any gap between the upper edge of the cutter bar and the counter-rotating knives. This means that even heavy, flattened grass can be cut to the highest quality
  • Quick-change knife system: Higher stability because the locking pin is separate. The knives are easy to replace using a key; no bolts that take ages to undo
Another trademark of this best-selling mower is the proven material quality: top quality steel is precision-machined using CNC machining centres.

During the development of these high-productivity mowers, the engineers at Pöttinger have incorporated farmers' wishes for low drag resistance, high cutting quality, best ground hugging and service friendliness.

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