Black horses and red butterflies

Black horses and red butterflies

Pöttinger mower combos handed over in front of historical backdrop

The contractor company run by the Tölle family in Schieder – Schwalenberg (northern Germany) was grown from the roots of their farming business. The company owners are Walter Tölle and his son Andre. The business specialises in harvesting, mowing, windrowing, soil cultivation (primary tillage, sowing and beet planting), transport work as well as snow clearing and gritting. A special trademark of this contractor's tractor fleet is the pack of four black Fendt tractors. For mowing in the 2010 season the successful company has invested in two new high performance NOVACAT X8 ED mower combinations from Pöttinger. A NOVACAT X8 ED is used with a NOVACAT 306 alpha-motion while the second mower combination is set up so that it can be converted to be operated with a collector next year. The windrower, a EUROTOP 801, which delivers excellent quality work, also comes from Austria.

The Tölle family has used Pöttinger mowers in the past (NOVACAT 8600 ED, NOVACAT 306 FED, NOVACAT 305 HED) and was very satisfied with them. That's why they decided to go for the same high level of quality again from the same manufacturer. "The mowing quality is so good, as was demonstrated during a field test", explains Andre Tölle, who also appreciates the stability and excellent service. The Pöttinger dealer - Henschler - also contributed to the decision-making process: thanks to relentless support from salesman Jeffrey Reheis the order was processed in time for the Tölle family to be full equipped for the new season. The contractor enthuses about his new mowers (translated from Westphalia dialect) "They are super mowers and are the most stable and best equipment available on the market."
A fitting location for handing over the machinery to the customer was soon found: Castle Corvey in East Westphalia provided an attractive backdrop. With his black horses and red butterflies this contractor is well-equipped for a successful harvest.

From the left: Mr. Ritterbusch (driver), Mr. Struck (Managing Director of Henschler dealership), Jeffrey Reheis (Salesman at Henschler), Andre Tölle (Contractor), Ludger Hesselmann (Pöttinger representative)

Castle Corvey in the background


Butterfly combos on the approach

Posing black horses

Butterfly spreads its wings