Dual-Disc for grain-by-grain precision

Dual-Disc for grain-by-grain precision

What's new in seed drill technology for 2011

The new VITASEM harrow-mounted seed drills by Pöttinger set new standards in drill technology: the centre of gravity is closer to the tractor, the exceptional 3-in-1 metering system lets you switch quickly from one seed material to the next, and the new Dual-Disc coulters guarantee precise seed placement. This is a perfect machine for professional operations with conventional seeding and mulch drilling, available with working widths of 3.0 and 4.0 metres.



New: Dual-Disc coulter system for tidy seed drills
The new Dual-Disc coulter system ensures optimised disc settings in relation to the counter for best seed placement, even in the most difficult operating conditions. Harvest trash is cleared reliably to the side. That's because the large Dual-Discs cut right through surface trash to form a uniform, tidy drill. The row spacing of 12.5 cm is ideal for optimum plant distribution and at the same time forms the basis for a high-yield harvest. The central working depth adjustment system makes it easy to adapt to changing conditions in the field. Each of the disc coulters is guided by pressure roll to ensure uniform seed placement depth; coulter pressures of up to 50 kg are possible. Another highlight is that the sowing system is 100 % maintenance-free.

New metering unit delivers perfect seed material flow and high-speed seed drill operation
The new split metering system (three-row multifunction metering wheel combined with separate metering wheel for fine seed) saves time, is easy to use and is extremely versatile for a smooth transition between seed types, enabling a quick and easy change between fine grain and normal grain seed materials. Transition times have been reduced to two just minutes as a result; compare that to conventional seed drills! Two metering systems are integrated into an all-in-one unit: normal seed for cereals and for fine-grained seed material. What is unique is the top metering system especially for fine seed types such as rape or poppy. Seed densities from 30 to 60 grains per square meter can be sown with the highest precision using this process. The metering wheels are centred underneath the funnel-shaped outlets of the high-volume seed box and ensure smooth flow right down to the last grain.

Future-safe arable farming
These machines are easy to hitch up and detach, and in combination with LION power harrows offer the shortest, most compact unit available on the market today. These machines yet again underline Pöttinger's innovative strengths: the agricultural technology manufacturer based in Grieskirchen has held its position as world leader in loader wagons for many years, and this year has taken the lead in Austria with seed drill technology.


The compact 3 metre machine

Perfect machine for perfect drilling

Pressure rolls

The dual disc system

row spacing of 12.5 cm