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Pöttinger magic with rear-mounted mowers

Pöttinger magic with rear-mounted mowers

Quality made in Grieskirchen/Austria

Pöttinger has some ace mowers up its sleeve: the NOVACAT rear-mounted 402 with a working width of 3.88 m and the 442 with 4.3 m. The central element on these two models is the hydraulic lower linkage arm that guarantees easy mounting without having to adjust the tractor hitch struts.

Quality made in Grieskirchen/Austria

Disc mowers have a long tradition at Pöttinger. The NOVACAT disc mower cutter bars are developed and built in Grieskirchen - a real quality product made in Austria.

Pöttinger has taken user-friendly operation to heart and dramatically improved mounting work with the hydraulic low linkage arm. The tractor hitch struts never need to be adjusted; the new NOVACAT 402 and 442 rear-mounted mowers are matched to the tractor hitch hydraulically from the driver's seat - a unique solution. Using the hydraulic lower linkage arm the headstock can always be brought into the correct horizontal position - independently of the geometry of the tractor hitch.

Perfect mounting

During transport the mower is pivoted through 90 degrees to the rear. The mower unit is pivoted easily and conveniently from the cab using a double-acting cylinder. The mower is ready for action without you leaving the cab - that's what makes mowing fun.
The double-acting cylinder on the rear pivot also serves as collision protection. During mowing the NOVACAT 402 and 442 rear-mounted mowers are raised into the headland position by a single-acting remote valve. The special lift geometry provides excellent ground clearance at the headland (at least 50 cm on the inside). A small additional cylinder secures the mower unit in the headland and transport positions and prevents the mower unit from rocking.

Small and low transport


Optimal weight alleviation

Both the new NOVACAT mowers feature hydraulic weight alleviation. The double-acting cylinder provides fine adjustment for weight alleviation. A clearly-visible pressure gauge is fitted to the mower frame and the ground pressure can be simply be adjusted if needed using a double-acting remote valve.

In order to guarantee optimum utilisation of effective working width, both the NOVACAT 402 and 442 can be mounted at two different positions on the boom. Combined with a NOVACAT 351 alpha-motion it is possible to cover a working width of up to 7.4 m.

Easy maintenance

Front-/rear-combination with working width up to 7,4 m

As a result this combination presents a real, cost-effective alternative to a three-unit mower combination. High performance, large area coverage, easy mounting, intelligent weight alleviation and perfect workmanship are the signatures of Pöttinger NOVACAT rear-mounted mowers.
With the NOVACAT 402 and 442 Pöttinger yet again reveals its magic in clever farming.

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