LION tines: change-over bonus

LION tines: change-over bonus

Save cash on the second set

The power harrow plays a critical role in the arable farming concept. The all-rounder in soil cultivation provides the best crumbling effect and excellent mixing. Its tines are the critical interface to the seedbed. Penetration of the soil needs to be optimised so that crumbling is completely uniform.

Tines for LION power harrows are hardened right through and with a thickness of 18 mm are designed for a working depth of up to 28 cm. The boron steel tines are hardened across the full cross-section of the material. Hardened right through!

New tine mountings:

New LION tine mountings
  • One clamping plate for two separate tines
  • Central pins for alignment, bolts on the outside for securing the tines
  • Standard and quick-change tines are the same design.

Older LION power harrow models are fitted with U-shaped tines. Upgrade your LION power harrow to the latest standard: take this opportunity to change from U-shaped tines to separate tines. Save cash on the second set as your change-over bonus.

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