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Pöttinger EUROPROFI with new 710/35R22.5

Pöttinger EUROPROFI with new 710/35R22.5" tyres

So wide and yet so soft

On rotor loader wagons used on farms relying on their own machinery, as well as those used by contractors, ground protection is a major issue.
Damp areas in particular are extremely sensitive to wheels exerting pressure on the ground. A shortage of oxygen and increase in detrimental gases have a negative effect on the formation of roots. The result is lower yields, a reduction in diversity of plant life and diminishing nutrient reserves.

Pöttinger has been investigating this in more detail and now offers new, wider tyres for the EUROPROFI. That's because a large area of contact reduces pressure on the ground. Heavy loads are distributed uniformly. Especially developed for Pöttinger - by professionals for professionals: the new wide tyres with the popular Country King profile. The tyre treads are configured openly so that they clean themselves with less dirty being brought into the clamp. At 710 mm wide these tyres minimise pressure on the ground. Smooth running is ensured by the profile depth of 22 mm. The radial construction of the tyres makes them very stable on the road and on slopes. Even at high driving speeds of up to 60 kph these tyres ensure safety and adhesion to the road.

Technical description: 710/35R22.5" 158 D Country King NOKIAN

These tyres have been especially developed for EUROPROFI loader wagons to deliver low power requirement due to the low platform height: low centre of gravity especially for working on slopes. The tyres are used together with a tandem axle with an axle load of 16 t.

Summary of examples:
  • Low pressure on the ground due to large area of contact
  • Open profile for excellent self cleaning
  • Wide tyres for good stability even at high travelling speeds of up to 60 kph
  • High load capacity
  • Smooth running thanks to 22 mm tread depth.

Why not test the new wide tyres for even more ground protection?




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