Ciao bella: HIT 10.11 T lands in Italy

Ciao bella: HIT 10.11 T lands in Italy

High output tedder impresses with performance and quality

The Della Via brothers, Carlo and Endri, have taken delivery of one of the first new HIT 10.11 T tedders in Italy and already put it to work. On their dairy farm with 150 cows in the province of Vicenza they produce mainly milk for making cheese. Good base forage quality is the key to high milk yields. The tedder is in important component in the harvest chain and optimises the drying process in the field even with very high densities. "With the high quantities of our ray-grass crop, which were especially dense during the first cut this year, good tedding performance is essential to achieve high quality silage. We have been pleasantly surprised by our new HIT 10.11 T. Whereas in the past we could only ted against the direction of mowing to achieve decent distribution, with the HIT 10.11 T we can drive in all directions, and much faster too. We are convinced that the new Dynatec rotor unit plays a decisive role in producing excellent tedding quality", say Carlo and Endri Della Via.

The HIT 10.11 T is drawn by their MF 188 (72 hp). Both brothers confirm that this power is sufficient. Even with high levels of forage the tractor never reached its limits. In addition to its smooth running, the low level of contamination was also a positive factor. "Virtually no crop gets snagged on the HIT 10.11 T. With our heavy crops that was often a problem that a lot of material would get caught around the rotors. On the HIT 10.11 T with the new Dynatech rotors this is absolutely not a problem." says Endri Della Via. They purchased their HIT 10.11 T from Lorenzo Lazzaretto, who has already supplied them with a EUROCAT 275 H ED and a EUROTOP 691 A.

"We have always been satisfied with the quality of Pöttinger products in the past, and the support from Pöttinger Italia and Lorenzo Lazzaretto encouraged us to invest in the HIT 10.11 T. A decision we don't regret", say the brothers.

Author: Stephan Ackermann (product manager)

The HIT 10.11 T in action
during the first cut

Endri Della Via, Jürgen Palla (Pöttinger Italia),
Carlo Della Via, Lorenzo Lazzaretto (dealer)