The new ALPINHIT 4.4 tedder

The new ALPINHIT 4.4 tedder

the compact mountaineer

With the new ALPINHIT 4.4 Pöttinger extends its Alpin product range upwards with a compact 4-rotor tedder with a small rotor diameter of 1.44 m and a working width of 4.45 m. Pöttinger has managed to combine optimum ground tracking and performance on slopes with the best distribution quality and productivity. The lightweight construction supports its performance on slopes: in combination with light guard rails, the ALPINHIT 4.4 weighs in at just 320 kg - a real lightweight.

Two different headstocks are available to ensure the ideal match in all situations on slopes: The H mounting – a rigid, short headstock for extremely steep slopes placing the centre of gravity as close as possible to the tractor. The wheels are mounted on trailing arms for excellent cornering. The N mounting – a short headstock with trailed system for manoeuvrability and convenience. This version features a mechanical fenceline tedding system and optional stabiliser struts for aligning and careful lifting in all situations.

Like on the ALPINHIT 6.6, a slot on the headstock allows to use the standard top link instead of a chain: customers now have three top linkage positions available and can operate with a rigid top linkage or jockey wheels (optional equipment). A single interlock latch guarantees safe transport even at high speeds.

Five tine arms per rotor and offset tine lengths ensure the ALPINHIT delivers excellent spreading quality. Thanks to the 2 tine angle settings and the 3 rotor angle adjustments using a bolt-in-hole matrix, the machine can be adapted quickly to perfectly match different forage types and quantities. The 15x6.00-6 tyres ensure the rotor chassis rolls smoothly.

With a parking height of just 2.20 m the ALPINHIT 4.4 can be stowed neatly away virtually anywhere. Hydraulic folding with the outer rotors facing inwards makes transport and parking easy. Warning signs and road lights are available as an option.

ALPINHIT 4.4, the compact mountaineer

ALPINHIT 4.4, in lightweight construction