SYNKRO stubble cultivators

SYNKRO stubble cultivators

For perfect seedbed on frost-wilted crop

The new generation of Pöttinger SYNKRO 1030 series stubble cultivators is ideal for both shallow and deep stubble cultivation and perfect for seedbed preparation in frost-wilted crops. For tractors of 110 hp upwards, the new SYNKROs offer numerous new technical solutions for even more efficient operation.

For a proper seedbed and to comply with various ground water protection guidelines, fields need to be prepared in a special way at the beginning of the year. Here, it doesn't matter whether it is frost-wilted crop (up to medium growth height) or winter rye planted as a catch crop, because with the new 1030 series SYNKROs it is possible to transform a wide range of crop residues into a high quality seedbed early in the season.

SYNKRO 3030 to 5030 - compact and lightweight 3-point

These new cultivators have a working width between 3 and 5 metres and are lighter, shorter and thus more compact than previous models. The new frame height provides more clearance for a wider range of applications.



A perfect result
The new trailed SYNKRO 4030 T to 6030 T

The new trailed SYNKRO stubble cultivators are available with working widths between 4 and 6 metres. The base unit consists of a mounted stubble cultivator. The drawbar and transport chassis can be retro-fitted.

Working to perfection

Thanks to the perfect geometrical arrangement of the share point and wing, shallow cultivation with 100 percent consistent penetration across the whole work area is guaranteed without the points scoring deep grooves. This lays the foundation for subsequent tillage and planting to create optimum germination conditions without having a negative influence on the water infrastructure. The stubble cultivator pass also has the positive effect of mechanically processing the wilted crop. The crop residues are mixed in thanks to the close gang spacing and the additional mixing effect of the serrated, completely maintenance-free concave discs. The concave discs are guided independently of the working depth so they always operate at the depth preset by the trailed roller. Farmers can choose the best trailed roller for their conditions, to either create a pattern of compacted stripes, or completely loosen the soil surface. Pöttinger offers a wide range of trailed rollers for different soil conditions. Cutting ring rollers or cutting packer rollers are used to create stripes, while a loose, open structure is formed using a cage drum or rotopack roller.

Thanks to the implementation of a stubble cultivator early in the season, it is possible to create cost-effective and sustainable tillage while ensuring optimum utilisation of machinery on any size of farm.