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New features on the JUMBO loader wagon series

New features on the JUMBO loader wagon series

Many ingenious details for the 2013 season

As the world-leader in loader wagons, Pöttinger product development focuses on innovations in technology and efficiency. The JUMBO - the flagship of the Pöttinger loader wagon range - has been fitted with new high-performance details.

An overview of new features

Load containment system - cover plus

Forward-thinking engineers at Pöttinger have developed a load containment system for the JUMBO combiline: this keeps harvested material in place, especially lightweight chopped material, so that nothing is lost during road transport. This feature is especially interesting for biogas plants. So far the load containment system has been available as an option for loader wagon types JUMBO 7210 L combiline and 10010 L combiline. New: available on all JUMBO combiline models for the 2013 season. The control system for the load containment system is conveniently integrated into the Power Control terminal and operates completely automatically. This solution, which has been developed especially for loader wagons, also features::

  • hydraulic interlock for high transport speeds
  • sensors to eliminate operator errors
  • perfect containment of load above 4 metres
  • hydraulic operation (instead of electric system with higher power draw).


Cover Plus

Nothing hangs around on these slanted fenders

Sometimes material misses the loader wagon during loading. With the new slanted fenders the material slides to the ground so nothing is carried out onto the road.


Top class convenience with Power Control

The ISOBUS-compatible Power Control system sets new standards for operating loader wagons. The two-component synthetic casing features a large colour display screen. The Power Control panel has backlit keys that are slightly raised and are easy to locate. Four of these keys are implemented as soft-keys and their function is clearly indicated in each screen. The loader wagon is operated at the touch of a button: loading chamber lighting and floodlights can be selected directly, as can the torque sensor, 3-function front flap and the cover plus load containment system on the JUMBO combiline.

Power Control

New low-slung drawbar for up to 4 t supported load

  • hydraulic hinged drawbar with 2 double-acting cylinders and drawbar shock absorbers as standard
  • narrow design for up to 60° steering angle
  • new mechanical forced steering system to optimise steering angle
  • compact configuration
  • ideal visibility into loading chamber
  • single heavy-duty pivot for steering linkage
  • lockable steering linkage for easy hitch-up.


low-slung drawbar

only one pivot point

High-performance PTO shaft

The high-quality 80-degree wide-angle joint on the PTO shaft ensures extremely smooth operation for high output.

  • 4-spline profile tube for lowest sliding resistance
  • automatic PTO coupling guarantees easy connection
  • makes life easier for drivers; both hands are free to connect the driveline
  • 50-hour lubrication interval


With these new developments on the JUMBO loader wagon, Pöttinger yet again proves its pioneering role as the No. 1 worldwide.

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