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Power Control for NOVACAT X8 and V10

Power Control for NOVACAT X8 and V10

Innovative design and enhanced operator convenience

The ISOBUS-compatible Power Control system sets new standards for operating mower combinations. The two-component synthetic casing features an ergonomic design. Drivers who have already worked with the new Power Control system report enthusiastically that the control unit is convenient and intuitive to use.  


Power Control unit

The Power Control unit has backlit keys that are slightly raised and are easy to locate. Four of these keys are implemented as soft-keys so they can be allocated different functions. Their function is clearly indicated in each screen. The colour screen is very user-friendly featuring clear imagery with easy-to-read displays. Contrast and brightness can easily be adjusted. All keys are back-lit depending on the brightness of the display: the back lighting for the keys switches on when the driver reduces the brightness of the screen at dusk. The function of each key can thus be recognised quickly and easily without glare distracting the driver. 
The mower combination is operated at the touch of a button. All that is needed is a tractor equipped with load-sensing. The major advantage is that with load-sensing fitted as standard, the tractor's hydraulics system is only in use when it is needed. This saves diesel and protects the tractor and the machine. The Power Control system can operate more than just the rear-mounted mower combination: it can also be used to operate a NOVACAT alpha-motion front-mounted unit. As a result it is no longer necessary to change over to the tractor remote. This makes the whole set up much easier to operate. Using an automatic function it is possible to lift and lower the front and rear mowers in sequence controlled by time or distance parameters. When you arrive at the headland you only need to press one button and all mower units are then lifted in sequence. Of course you can also lift and lower each mower unit individually as well. 



Additional keys let you adjust the cutting width on the NOVACAT V10, or on the NOVACAT X8 collector you can pivot the conveyor belts and adjust their operating speed. On all mower combinations with Power Control you can regulate weight alleviation to adapt perfectly to each situation at the touch of a button. The screen displays the current weight alleviation values and the set-point, so this system is ideal for making adjustments on the move to adapt to changing conditions. Like on the Select Control system, the interlock catches are also operated hydraulically using Power Control, without lanyards.
A wide range of settings can be adjusted and saved in the individual menus. The operating system also monitors the different valves and sensors. If there is ever a malfunction, you can use this troubleshooting test to pinpoint the cause of the problem quickly. 
If the mower combination is used for contract work, then you will appreciate being able to record performance data. Pöttinger offers the Power Control system as standard with operating hours counter and hectare counter. The only condition is that the tractor is fitted with an ISO 11786 signal connector. 


With the Power Control system, Pöttinger offers a unique range of capabilities. This advanced and reliable technology makes long working days more relaxed and more productive. The Power Control system is supplied as standard with the NOVACAT X8 collector and NOVACAT V10 mower combinations and can be supplied with NOVACAT X8 mower combos as an option. All Power Control systems are ISOBUS-compatible and so can be used with any ISOBUS terminal at no extra cost.


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