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JUMBO armada successful in Luxembourg

JUMBO armada successful in Luxembourg

Big PÖTTINGER technology at Reiff & Son contractors

Luxembourg, the little country with a land area of just over 2,500 km2, is where Reiff Josy & Son are based. Their successful business relies on professional technology from PÖTTINGER: no fewer than seven JUMBO combiline loader wagons and a NOVACAT V10 mower combination with conditioner are in operation.


PÖTTINGER for professional grassland operations

The Luxembourg contractor has 450 hectares of land. Alongside arable (370 ha) and vegetables (30 ha), Josy and Jeff Reiff - the company managers - focus on their 75-cow dairy farm and breeding. That includes managing 50 ha of grassland.

The loader wagons (one JUMBO 6010 combiline and six JUMBO 7210 combilines) handle up to 1,500 loads per year. The mower combination covers, on average, around 1,000 ha every year.

"In 2009 we investigated every possible make of loader wagon and finally decided on PÖTTINGER due to the awesome loading performance, good chopping quality and rugged construction. So far we have not had any reason at all to regret this decision", explains Jeff Reiff. With the NOVACAT V10 mower combo it was the hydraulic shift system on the rear mowers that swung the decision because this feature offers a huge advantage when mowing across slopes. Other positive details include hydraulic folding of the side guards and the ISOBUS control system.

The two owners sum up their satisfaction with the machines like this: "We are very satisfied with the loader wagons and with the mower. Our first loader wagon, which we purchased in 2010, has now been in operation for four season without any major problems or serious wear. We would happily recommend these machines."

In particular, they really appreciate being able to operate the machines using the tractor's own ISOBUS terminal and joystick. Key functions can be assigned directly to joystick movements. Everything else is displayed on the terminal screen. Operating machines this way is extremely quick and convenient. It also avoids operator errors. They are also impressed with the performance of the hydro-pneumatic chassis equipped with large tyres. This chassis delivers excellent road holding and top performance on slopes. The large 800/45R26.5 tyres also provide good soil protection.


Thanks to PÖTTINGER's long history of expertise in the loader wagon sector, the contractors benefit from the reliability of their machines. This is an extremely important factor for forage harvesting machines, especially when working on contract jobs. Josy and Jeff Reiff agree on the quality of service provided by Pöttinger: "We appreciate our good relationship with PÖTTINGER and our local dealership Cloos&Kraus in Roost/Bissen. Actually, we have not often needed to make use of them, and when we have, most of the problems were solved over the phone. The dealers Cloos&Kraus always make the effort to ensure our machines are up to date by ensuring that software updates or modifications are made to the older models. So far, we are very satisfied with the service provided by the manufacturer and the dealership. On one occasion there was a problem on a machine that was no longer covered by the warranty and they were very good about getting the damage repaired as soon as possible."


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