Well equipped for the field by PÖTTINGER

Well equipped for the field by PÖTTINGER

Report by Slovakian reference customer

The agricultural association PD Valča, which is located in the Martin region in the north of Slovakia, farms an area of 1,740 ha, of which 1,200 ha is arable and 900 ha is for intensive agriculture. Arable crops include winter wheat (300 ha), malting barley (150 to 180 ha) and winter rapeseed (180 to 200 ha), rye (50 to 60 ha) as well as forage crops. Around 350 ha are meadow that is cut twice a year and pasture for cattle and sheep.


"We started getting interested in PÖTTINGER in 2006. The first Pöttinger machines we ran were the EUROHIT 54 N tedder and EUROTOP 461 N rake. A year later we purchased one NOVACAT 350 H mower and one NOVACAT 305 H ED, a EUROHIT 61 N tedder and a EUROTOP 801 twin rotor rake", reports Stanislav Piatrik, manager of the Valča Agricultural Association.


Because the PÖTTINGER equipment worked so well, they continued to expand the pool of machines with a EUROTOP 851 twin rotor rake, a high capacity JUMBO 10 000L loader wagon, followed this year by a NOVACAT X8 mower combination and a JUMBO 6610L silage wagon with AUTOCUT. A TERRASEM C4 Artis seed drill is now in operation for its third season.

Stanislav Piatrik presenting the agricultural association



"We harvest all our forage with PÖTTINGER machines: from mowing, tedding and raking through to loading. The performance of the machines meets the output we require very satisfactorily. The new mower combination will be used for meadows, pasture and forage crops planted on arable land. We will use the older machines on smaller fields. Approx. 800 ha is mowed during the first cut. The new NOVACAT X8 disc mower has to accomplish this task in 14 to 20 days, weather permitting. This means the combination has to manage 40 hectares a day. The advantages are in the speed, quality and savings in personnel and fuel costs," says the director of the association.   The harvest is collected and transported by the two JUMBO loader wagons. The association produces silage in channels, amounting to 3 to 4 tonnes, with roughly another thousand tonnes in bales. The wagons transport forage and straw. "Our JUMBOs replace some of the older collection wagons and greatly accelerate the silage. The JUMBO 10000 L is a reliable wagon that works well in challenging terrain. The Tridem chassis has certainly proven its worth. Each day the wagons transport between 200 and 300 tonnes, depending on the conditions. With our high performance Pöttinger technology we are well equipped for the field. The quality of work is at a very high level and we can ensure an efficient harvest," says Stanislav Piatrik.   They are also extremely pleased with the performance delivered by the TERRASEM C4 Artis seed drill. With this unit they can prepare the seed bed and perform drilling and tillage in a single pass. They work fast and effectively. Due to the widespread and steep terrain, the transport width of three metres is also highly satisfactory.