AEROSEM road show in Germany

AEROSEM road show in Germany

Over the past few weeks, selected PÖTTINGER customers have been invited to attend road shows all over Germany

We started on a farm belonging to Claus Berlet in Bad Hersfeld (Northeast Hessen). Claus Berlet is a loyal PÖTTINGER customer, already owning several PÖTTINGER machines. During this demonstration, 15 people accepted our invitation to witness 6 ha of maize being sowed. The maize was planted at approx. 12 cm intervals in the seed slot at a depth of 5 cm. 110 kg DAP / ha was applied as fertilizer on the same pass. Operating speeds were between 6.5 and 9 kph.

The previous crop was sown grass, which was tilled using a TERRADISC 3001 compact disc harrow and a SYNKRO 3030 stubble cultivator. The maize drill followed immediately after that.On the day of the demonstration, the temperature was 7 degrees with a biting wind. The visitors and the farm manager were impressed with the machine's performance. Mr. Berlet has since reported that germination and growth have been extremely successful and he is very pleased with the result.



The unique distribution system of the AEROSEM


The center of gravity is near to the tractor


An interesting team


Confortable working with AEROSEM


The equable seeding impressed the viewers