New: TERRADISC multiline

New: TERRADISC multiline

The new multi-talent in mulch drilling technology

The completely new concept of the multiline brings together a TERRADISC compact disc harrow with a seed drill. The unit delivers cost-effective, high-performance mulch drilling technology that enables sensational flexibility during operation. Used solo or in a combination, the new TERRADISC multiline promises enormous potential.


The TERRADISC multiline is available in working widths of 3 and 4 metres. The basic unit is a TERRADISC compact disc harrow in combination with the 585 rubber packer roller. The machine is trailed using a drawbar attached to Cat. II low linkages. The TERRADISC multiline can be operated conveniently using the most straightforward tractor set-up. Combined with the seed drill, it offers an ideal alternative to conventional mulch seed drills. The weight of the machine is borne by the packer roller. Only the supported load acts on the tractor. This means that it is possible to use the machine without front ballast. Harmful compaction at the headland is greatly reduced as a result: the new TERRADISC multiline features excellent ground conservation technology and sustainability. This guarantees long-term yield. The machine is raised using the rubber packer roller to provide ground clearance of 280 mm.


VITASEM A or VITASEM ADD seed drills are installed as standard above the packer roller. This allows the seed drill to be fitted or removed easily - depending on whether the trailed compact disc harrow is to be used on its own or not. As a result, the TERRADISC multiline is a real multi-talent with a wide range of applications.


The ring spacing on the packer is 12.5 cm. With 24 rows this ensures optimum pre-packing of the seed groove.


In the field and during road transport the machine runs on the rubber packer roller, which is divided into 2 section with a central support. This ensures smooth running and optimum stability during transport. Because the roller is divided it does not leave behind any smear marks at the headland - a feature that is very much appreciated by users. The critical issue of compaction at headlands is something that the TERRADISC multiline has well under control. In addition to improving seed germination conditions, wear on the road is also minimised to extend the service life of the roller.


The TERRADISC multiline concept gives the user a wide range of combination possibilities, exceeding the demands of the market. All combination capabilities remain open so the configuration can be changed later if needed.

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