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The new TORRO COMBILINE loader wagon

The new TORRO COMBILINE loader wagon

New COMBILINE design and latest technology on-board

The TORRO stands out with its new COMBILINE design, not only in appearance, but also with the latest technology on-board. All expectations are catered for by the two TORRO 6010 L / D COMBILINE and 6510 L / D COMBILINE models with load volumes of up to 35 m³ DIN and versions with crop containment ropes offering volumes up to 36.5 m³ DIN. Even higher capacity, multi-purpose and equipped with 34 mm short chop capability, the new EUROPROFI COMBILINEs are ready for action. The power requirement is between 160 and 300 hp.


Best forage quality guaranteed

The proven 6-row floating pick-up with cam track at both ends ensures best possible ground tracking and clean forage as a result. New developments include the wind guard and an additional tracking roller, which is positioned on the wagon centreline behind the pick-up to improve pick-up guidance over bumps. The parallelogram mounting for the additional tracking roller and the independent adjustment of the front jockey wheels are unique. This guarantees a one hundred percent float function. The tracking roller can be set up to 50 mm higher. This system excels in very wet operating conditions with deep tractor wheel marks: no sinking into wheel marks and precise height control in all situations. The raw ash content of the forage is greatly reduced as a result. Consequently, clean forage promotes higher milk yield to increase success.


Pure performance

The new TORRO delivers even higher performance. Higher output is enabled by the robust input gearbox, the rotor drive system which is designed for up to 300 hp (via a side-mounted bevel gear unit) and a PTO shaft with wide angle joints at each end that is protected at 2300 Nm by a new cam-type clutch. In total that adds up to 10 more drive power and around 20 percent higher output - plus reduced maintenance requirements.


The powerful loading rotor (800 mm diameter) delivers perfect chopping quality for a low power requirement. 8 rows of tines equipped with individual 10 mm Durostat fine-grained steel tines, a scraper width of 20 mm and an asymmetric knife configuration ensure perfectly chopped forage.


New POWERCUT short-chop knife bank

The new POWERCUT chopping system on the TORRO COMBILINE puts in an eye-catching performance. Instead of the previous 39 knives, 45 knives are now integrated into the new system to achieve a theoretical chopped length of 34 mm. The swing-out EASY MOVE knife bank, developed and patented by Pöttinger, is of course still part of the new POWERCUT system: the chopping system and knife bank can be disengaged without tools and swung out alongside the loader wagon hydraulically, controlled by the operator terminal next to the driver's seat. The patented TWINBLADE double knives individual knife protection system are available as an option, with double the service life included. Having to carry replacements is now a thing of the past thanks to these reversible knives. AUTOCUT - the automatic knife sharpening system - is also available for the TORRO COMBILINE. 


The advantages of the new AUTOCUT system are obvious: easy handling, central operation, excellent reliability and perfect chopping quality.


The scraper floor has been lowered by 150 mm at the front end. This allows for tyres up to 800/45R26.5 to be fitted and for the wagon to still stand horizontally. The forage is conveyed upwards to the rear, leading to uniform and smooth unloading. The power requirement is lower as a result. The scraper floor chain has been increased to 10 mm. A 2-speed motor is standard.


2 in 1: quicker change between self-loading and top-fill loading

The 2-function front flap enables a rapid change between loading mode and top-fill mode: the forage compression flap is operated hydraulically to be placed in the required position. The front panel of the wagon now has a window to provide a good view into the loading chamber from the tractor. The automatic loading system has two measuring points. Compression is adjustable via pressure springs to ideally match the power of the tractor.


The TORRO COMBILINE bodywork features high-strength, full-length panels without extension bars. Roof ropes are available as an option: for optimum crop containment, for loading hay and straw, and as an option for increasing loader wagon capacity. With the new slanted mudguards, there is no chance of any crop material getting caught. The advantages are clear: nothing is lost during transport and the road and loader wagon stay clean.


The tailgate is designed as a multi-function system with enormous unloading performance. Instead of a tarpaulin, the new design features a metal cover to prevent forage losses. The D version is equipped with a straight-line driveshaft as standard and a third beater rotor is available if required. 

There is a choice of several types of tyre available for each model. The drawbar is supplied as standard with a 2 t supported load; a 3 t low-slung drawbar is also available. Hydraulic or electric/hydraulic forced steering is also available as an option.


A Power Control operator terminal is provided as standard equipment, with wireless and CCI terminal systems also available.


Pöttinger has yet again reinforced its reputation as the global leader in loader wagon technology, offering more than 50 models of loader wagon, each designed for specific customer needs. In mountainous or flat terrain, in any country from northern to southern Europe and from the Americas to Asia. Whether family-run business, contractor, or large-scale enterprise – Pöttinger loader wagons are engineered to meet all customer requirements and are manufactured on the most modern assembly line in the world. Success speaks for itself: Pöttinger loader wagons are number 1 worldwide.




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