AEROSEM PCS DUPLEX SEED: Polish farm plants maize in double rows

AEROSEM PCS DUPLEX SEED: Polish farm plants maize in double rows

The new system produces impressive increase in yield

The Skiba's family-run business is located in the Wielkopolska area of Poland. Dawid Skiba farms 85 ha of arable and 5 ha of grassland that belong to the farm and uses his AEROSEM seed drill on approx. 300 ha in contract work. 
This is equipped with the new DUPLEX SEED system, which enables silage and corn maize to be planted in double rows. 


In addition to increasing yield by up to 10 percent, it also increases output during drilling thanks to the higher driving speed. The AEROSEM ADD with DUPLEX SEED features double rows of offset plants with a spacing of 12.5 cm. The row spacing between each set of double rows is 75 cm, so they are easy to harvest using a standard maize header.

The advantages for the Polish farmer are in the increase in performance: for each plant, there is more surface available for the roots to form so that the maize develops better and rapid row integration can be seen clearly. 

For Dawid Skiba the main advantage of his AEROSEM seed drill is its flexibility, offering maize planting with and without fertiliser, maize with companion crop and also cereals.