New: Knife roller for TERRADISC T from 4 to 6 metres

New: Knife roller for TERRADISC T from 4 to 6 metres

Flexible applications for trailed compact disc harrows

Compact disc harrows are extremely versatile tillage implements. To make them even more effective and flexible, the TERRADISC 4001 T, 5001 T and 6001 T trailed compact disc harrow made by the arable farming professionals at PÖTTINGER can now be combined with a front knife roller.


More flexibility

The TERRADISC T with working widths of up to 6 metres can be equipped with a knife roller as a pre-tool to cover an even greater range of applications. This opens up a wide range of applications from seedbed preparation, stubble cultivation of cereals, oil seed rape, sunflowers and maize to the incorporation of cover crops. The additional shredding effect eliminates the need for prior cultivation and breaking up of the stubble. This saves time and resources. Likewise, it promotes the incorporation of organic matter as well as its microbial decomposition. Harmful organisms find it more difficult to reside there to survive the winter and, so their growth in numbers is prevented. If the knife roller is not required on a particular job, it can be folded away completely so that it no longer contacts the soil.


Perfect shredding

The knives on the leading knife roller are arranged in a spiral. This ensures it rotates smoothly because it is in constant contact with the ground to produce a uniform load on the cutting edge. The roller diameter of 350 mm ensures a high speed of rotation. These features deliver consistent chopping quality and high cutting intensity, resulting in a powerful shredding effect. Due to the knife roller's consistently high cutting resistance, it operates reliably even on hard soils. The depth of the front tool is adjusted hydraulically. This means that it is possible to react quickly to different site conditions.


Can also be retro-fitted

The knife roller can be retrofitted to existing TERRADISC T models with a working width of 4 to 6 metres from the year of manufacture 2018. All the mounting points required for this are already on the machines, which means that no modifications to the TERRADISC are necessary.

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