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New video animation: NOVACAT ALPHA MOTION

Front-type mowers

Optimum ground tracking: NOVACAT ALPHA MOTION front mowers conserve the swath and contribute to producing the best forage.

At the heart of PÖTTINGER disc mowers is the cutter bar, proven over thousands of cuts in the field. NOVACAT disc mower cutter bars are developed and built at the company’s main plant in Grieskirchen – a quality product made in Austria. First-class cutting quality, low drag resistance and strength are the trademarks of these cutter bars. Engineered details guarantee you reliable operation and contribute significantly to an extended service life.

Optimum crop flow – clean forage

The rounded, low profile front edge lets the cutter bar glide smoothly over the ground and separates the crop tidily from the sward. The conveyor effect has been improved thanks to the rounded conical surfaces of the mower discs.

  • Integrated paddles keep the cutter bar surface clean.
  • The crop flows through smoothly and uniformly, maintaining full cutting capacity in all operating conditions.
  • PÖTTINGER guarantees trouble-free downhill mowing, even on steep slopes.

Perfect cutting quality

The sleek cutter bar is only 11.02" / 280 mm deep, perfect for enabling the best possible ground tracking. The clamped quick change mower blades rotate very close to the surface of the cutter bar and the counter knife. The optimised overlap of blade paths ensures a clean and uniform mowing pattern.

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