Double Silver for Pöttinger

Double Silver for Pöttinger

PCS (Precision Combi Seeding) and IDS (intelligent distribution system) win awards

From a total of 33 Silver Medals awarded by the DLG (German Agricultural Association) at Agritechnica for innovations, Pöttinger wins two: featuring the latest developments such as Precision Combi Seeding (PCS) and Intelligent Distributor System (IDS), Pöttinger's pneumatic seed drills enter a completely new league.

Silver medal for - Unique patented IDS intelligent distribution system

IDS is a unique system worldwide that guarantees a consistent flow of seed to each row, saving seed material usage. The unique, completely new IDS distribution system meets all the specifications demanded by the market. It is based on an electrical metering drive controlled by a POWER CONTROL terminal or the tractor's ISOBUS system. The distributor head offers the full range of tramline widths, track widths, special tramline modes, dual tramline systems and half width switching to the left or right. The seed flow is reduced automatically for tramlines and half rail switching. All outlets are controlled by a BUS system.

Because any of the above parameters can be applied, the machine offers ultimate flexibility for every situation and requirement. That is top class customer proximity.

Silver medal for Precision Combi Seeding System PCS - Individual seed drilling technology integrated into a pneumatic seed drill

With the new development of the AEROSEM pneumatic seed drill, Pöttinger has designed a unique capability, integrating individual seed drilling technology into a standard pneumatic seed drill. The advantages of both worlds have been united in one machine that is especially suitable for drilling maize and sunflowers. The drill is fitted with up to 10 individual seed elements for a row spacing of 37.5 cm or 75 cm (and 12.5 cm on the AEROSEM ADD). Application specific fertilisation is also built into this machine. Using the standard metering system with a distributor head add on, fertilizer can be applied between the seed rows. Grass seed can also be drilled simultaneously, combined with individual seed drilling, to provide optimum erosion protection. Another step into the future!