AEROSEM road show in Germany – part 2

AEROSEM road show in Germany – part 2

Over the past few weeks, selected PÖTTINGER customers have been invited to attend road shows all over Germany

Over the past few weeks, three AEROSEM roadshows were held in the German sales areas of Rheinland, Rheinland-Pfalz and Hessen, attended by selected PÖTTINGER customers. In the last newsletter we reported from a farm in Bad Hersfeld (Northeast Hessen). The second demonstration took place in Koblenz-Arenberg - a pilgrimage destination in Rheinland-Pfalz - right next to Ehrenbreitscheid fortress. At this event the PÖTTINGER team was supported by the Klöppel agricultural machinery dealership, who also provided the tractor. The demonstration was hosted by Thomas Schneider, a PÖTTINGER fan through-and-through. The enthusiastic farmer owns nine PÖTTINGER machines, with which he is highly satisfied. The site for the presentation of the AEROSEM seed drill is located at an elevation of 200 m above sea level; we enjoyed the finest of weather (16 to 18 degrees) and very dry ground conditions. 5.3 hectares were covered at a driving speed of between 6.5 and 10 kph. We drilled 9.5 seeds per square metre. 140 kg DAP was applied as fertilizer. The unploughed soil was prepared using a PÖTTINGER TERRADISC compact disc harrow and a LION power harrow. Around 20 people attended the demonstration and, like at the first roadshow, they were very impressed with the design and operation of the machine.


5,3 ha were drilled


The visitors were impressed by the AEROSEM


Perfect drilling conditions


Best results with the AEROSEM


Discussions about the machine


Supported by the enterprise Klöppel


The PÖTTINGER CCI-terminal with ISOBUS


Having a look at the drilled seeds


Precise placement


Perfect growth




Healthy plants for a high yield