NOVADISC 810 mower combination

NOVADISC 810 mower combination

High performance, low weight

The PÖTTINGER NOVADISC 810 is a new smooth-running mower combination. Two NOVDISC cutter bars combined with a front mower deliver an impressive working width of 8.08 m. Thanks to its low weight without conditioners, this machine can be operated by tractors starting at 85 hp.

The mower's most noticeable feature is the cutter bar without inside shoe. The cutter bar gearbox is behind the first mower disc. This enables the mower to get in and out of tight corners, and operate on rough ground, without clogging. With the quick-change blade system fitted as standard, blades can be swapped quickly and conveniently. Slanted cone surfaces ensure perfect crop flow, while optimised counter-chop zone and optimised overlap of the blade paths deliver first-class cutting quality and at the same time optimum protection of the sward.



Large weight alleviation springs are fitted to the headstock to provide optimum weight alleviation for the mower units and protect the sward and the machine. The mower units are raised using a single-acting spool valve; individual lifting of each unit using an electro-hydraulic lifting is also available as an option.  Consideration has also been given to collisions with obstacles. The collision safety device on either side permits the units to swing through approx. 12 degrees. If the device is triggered you just need to reverse a short way to engage the mower unit again.

With a gap of 2000 mm between the two mower units, the NOVADISC 810 offers sufficient overlap between the front and rear systems. With this size of overlap, the NOVADISC 810 is the specialist for hilly and alpine terrain, with which corners and contours can be mowed trouble-free. 

The compact transport dimensions of 2.85 m wide and 3.5 m high allow the NOVADISC 810 to be transported easily and safely. The two mower units fold upwards 90 degrees during transport so the centre of gravity is then closer to the tractor, improving weight distribution. Suitable lighting is supplied as standard. The NOVADISC 810 can be parked either in the working position, or using the special parking stand which allows the mower combination to be parked upright in the transport position to save space.

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