Large farm in Czech Republic relies on PÖTTINGER

Large farm in Czech Republic relies on PÖTTINGER

AGRAS AG has been a satisfied customer for 10 years

AGRAS Želatovice Ltd. is a farming business with 2,900 hectares of arable land in fourteen districts around Přerov in the east of the Czech Republic. Here, they grow agricultural crops and perennial forage plants for livestock production and a 1.8 MW biogas plant. 

Quality assured by investment

AGRAS is also one of Moravia's most important producers of hops, which are planted on 20 hectares. The largest fields are used for winter wheat, as well as rapeseed, soya, sugar beet and summer barley. AGRAS Želatovice has 1,500 cattle for dairy and meat production. The average annual milk yield is 11,000 kg, which they would like to increase to 13,000 kg over the next few years. Output and product quality are being continuously improved thanks to ongoing modernisation and investment.

Jakub Stojan (Ing.) from AGRAS Želatovice Ltd. employs the HIT 10.11 T tedder from PÖTTINGER. "We are impressed with the high performance of the 10.11 T tedder. It does an excellent job by distributing the crop in a uniform airy blanket. The machine follows the terrain well, which we really appreciate because the conditions here are difficult. What is more, the crop is handled with the maximum of care", says Jakub Stojan.

Using the latest technologies

"We try to use the newest and most environmentally friendly technologies that have the lowest impact on our natural surroundings. That is the reason why we decided to go for PÖTTINGER", says Jakub Stojan. Harvesting can be time consuming due to the difficult terrain and small fields with poor accessibility and it is important to deploy fail-safe technology. PÖTTINGER's powerful line of machines for mowing, tedding and raking is designed to harvest as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ten years ago, Agras Želatovice purchased a JUMBO 8000 L, in 2008 a rear-mounted NOVACAT 305 H ED mower and a NOVACAT 356 F ED ALPHA MOTION front mower, the HIT 810 N tedder and the EUROTOP 851 twin rotor centre-swath rake. They also own a NOVACAT X8 RC mower combination with front mower as well as a HIT 10.11 T tedder and a TOP 812 twin rotor rake.

"The PÖTTINGER machines have already successfully processed thousands of hectares and we will continue to use them. After decades of positive experience we will be investing in PÖTTINGER machinery again for our new purchases."

Jakub Stojan (on the right), Vice President
of AGRAS Ltd. with Jan Omasta.

NOVACAT X8 RC mower combination with a working width
of 8.30 m. The forage is then handled using
twin rotor rakes.

HIT 10.11 T tedder with a working width
of eleven metres in combination
with a 90 hp or 120 hp tractor.
The transport width is less
than 3 metres.

Significant investment has been made in automation.