NOVACAT 352 V rear mower: compact, lightweight  and best cutting quality

NOVACAT 352 V rear mower: compact, lightweight and best cutting quality

PÖTTINGER has added to its NOVACAT rear mower range the NOVACAT 352 V with a working width of 3.52 m without conditioner

Thanks to the new, vertical transport position, the NOVACAT 352 V is ideal for tight cornering and narrow field entrances. 

A central feature on this new model is the unique hydraulic lower linkage arm that enables easy mounting without having to adjust the tractor linkage drop arms, which offer the very highest level of convenience. Using the hydraulic "HITCH & MOW" lower linkage arm the headstock can always be brought into the correct horizontal position - independently of the geometry of the tractor linkage. In addition, this system optimises weight alleviation as well as providing excellent ground clearance (50 cm on the inside) for headland turns and transport on the road. Furthermore ground tracking is also optimised as a consequence.

During transport the mower is folded to the side and raised through 115 degrees. With the highest point of the mower in the tractor centreline, the centre of gravity is perfectly centred. This ensures compact transport dimensions and safe transport of the mower. The headstock can be lowered to ensure a transport height of 4 m is maintained. The storage position when removed from the tractor is to the side in the working position; however parking stands are also available so that the mower can be left in the transport position when stored to save space.

The heart of the mower is the NOVACAT cutter bar proven thousands of times in the field with a quick-change blade system as standard. Tapered disc surfaces, optimised counter-chop zone and a generous overlap of the blade paths ensure perfect crop flow, first-class cutting quality and simultaneous optimum protection of the sward.

If the mower impacts an obstruction during operation, the integrated mechanical collision protection system allows it to move by 15 degrees to the rear. A hydraulic collision safety device is also available as an option. Thanks to the resulting extra clearance of around 1 metre, the mower is ideally protected against severe damage. Reversing the tractor automatically moves the mower back into the working position. 



At PÖTTINGER, ease of maintenance is taken seriously: the PTO shafts have an extended service interval (150 h) and the safety guards fold well clear to provide optimum access to the cutter bar for quick and easy blade changes. As an option, a hydraulic version of the folding side guard is also available.