Reliable power transmission with TRI DRIVE

Reliable power transmission with TRI DRIVE

For a perfect cut with PÖTTINGER mowers

The cutter bar is the heart of PÖTTINGER disc mowers. Developed and manufactured in Grieskirchen, the disc mower cutter bars are a quality product made in Austria. First-class cutting quality, low drag resistance and high strength are the trademarks of these cutter bars, proven thousands of times out in the field. A key feature has now been added to make the mower quieter and increase its durability: TRI DRIVE. 

Reliable power transmission with TRI DRIVE gear optimisation

The new spur gear drive runs in a straight line with virtually the same sized gears. All gears are hardened and machined for smooth running and a long service life.

The advantages

  • NEW: gear pairs with more teeth and the same diameter 39/50
  • Three teeth in contact for better power transmission and softer starting characteristics
  • The new surface of the gears ensures smoother running and a reduction in noise level.


Here you can watch how our cutter bars take shape: