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Once with a EUROPROFI, always with a EUROPROFI

Once with a EUROPROFI, always with a EUROPROFI

PÖTTINGER loader wagon proves its worth on moorland

In Lehnstedt, a village in northern Lower Saxony between Bremen and Bremerhaven, PÖTTINGER machines set the scene. Johann Hinrich Steilen is a successfuly farmer with 124 hectares of arable land and grassland who fattens 3,000 pigs a year and has 285 beef cattle. To produce high quality forage, he relies on various machines from Austria: both in forage processing with a HIT 910 N tedder and in harvesting with two EUROPROFI loader wagons. For tillage, he relies on a SYNKRO 4003 stubble cultivator.

J.H. Steilen is highly satisfied with his PÖTTINGER machines because he can rely on their performance one hundred percent and knows that they produce excellent working results. "I cover around 250 hectares a year with the HIT and it leaves behind a good spread pattern. The SYNKRO mixes the soil very well and is used for approximately 170 hectares per year. Clearance between the tine rows is very good, even at higher speeds," he says enthusiastically. The farm is located in an extremely peaty area of moorland (eight metres of peat under the sward) which places particularly high demands on the machines. That is why they lost no time in deciding on a loader wagon: thanks to its large tyres and lightweight construction, the EUROPROFI is the ideal vehicle. The EUROPROFI is robust and produces a high output but is still very smooth running. Johann Steilen explains: "Another decisive criterium for this loader wagon is the tracking roller behind the pick-up." This additional centre-mounted tracking roller is unique and can be set up to 50 mm higher to provide exact depth control without sinking into tractor wheel marks. 

Asked to name other decision-making criteria, he mentions the vicinity of the dealership: Matec in Bramstedt is only 12 km away and represents the PÖTTINGER brand with a full range of professional services, sales and a well-stocked spare parts store. This means that a high level of reliability is ensured.  One of PÖTTINGER's key objectives is to develop products that ideally meet our customers' needs. This means also involving customers in the innovation process. Together with Fabian Arndt at Matec, the local dealership, and other customers, J.H. Steilen took part in a workshop to develop the EUROPROFI: "I was so impressed at how the product managers integrated our ideas into development; that really makes you feel part of it!" Success speaks for itself: today PÖTTINGER loader wagons are number 1 in the world.

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