Durability and top performance - characteristics that PÖTTINGER is committed to delivering. Using the highest quality spare parts and wear parts is a central criterion. That is why we manufacture PÖTTINGER Original spare parts and wear parts from the highest quality materials. We source our raw materials exclusively from central Europe and Scandinavia. We ideally match all spare and wear parts to your machinery's overall system. This means that different soil and operating conditions often need to be taken into consideration. He have been listening to our customers and now offer three different lines - CLASSIC, DURASTAR and DURASTAR PLUS - to make sure you have the right part to meet every requirement. Original parts are worth every cent, because Know-how cannot be copied.


Proximity to our customers is important to us.

The basis for our worldwide spare parts logistics is the new international spare parts logistics centre in Taufkirchen (Austria) with more than 50,000 different articles in stock.
We also operate 16 spare parts warehouses in Denmark, Germany (2), France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Canada (2), Poland, Russia, Ukraine, USA (2), China and Australia.
Moreover, in addition to machinery, the PÖTTINGER network of dealerships in more than 60 countries all over the world supply high quality original spare parts: Our dealerships have a comprehensive stock of spare parts on their premises.
This means that you will receive the available spare parts directly from the dealership's stores. Any parts that are not available are sent by express delivery from our regional or central stores.
We can guarantee a reliable supply of spare parts, a service it is good to know you can rely on during the season.

The advantages of PÖTTINGER Original parts

  • Immediate and long-term availability.
  • Maximum durability thanks to innovative production processes and the use of the highest quality materials.
  • Avoidance of malfunctions due to a perfect fit.
  • The best working results thanks to optimum match to the overall system of the machine.
  • Save time and costs thanks to longer replacement intervals on wear parts.
  • Comprehensive quality testing.
  • Ongoing advancement through research and development.
  • Worldwide spare parts supply.
  • High resale value of previously-owned machines.
  • Attractive, competitive prices for all spare parts.

Wear parts

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The classic benchmark specification

The CLASSIC line is for standard duty applications. With these ORIGINAL INSIDE parts we have defined the benchmark for quality, best price/performance ratio and reliability.

  • For standard soil conditions.
  • For average levels of stress on tools during everyday operationt.
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Keeps its promise

DURASTAR is the innovation on the wear components market - durable, high quality, productive and reliable. DURASTAR parts are ideally suited to every situation in the field where your machines are subjected to demanding conditions. That is because DURASTAR parts deliver what they promise.

  • For soil conditions that cause above average wear.
  • For tools designed to withstand high stress on contractors' machinery and machinery ring equipment.
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Toughest jobs without limits

Are you used to putting your machines to work in the most extreme conditions? Then the DURASTAR PLUS line is the right choice for you. Excellent performance combined with the highest possible wear resistance is what you get with DURASTAR PLUS parts from PÖTTINGER. Major operations, contractors and farms with extremely high wear conditions - the DURASTAR PLUS line meets all your challenges effortlessly.

  • For soil conditions that cause extreme wear.
  • Designed for the toughest jobs for large farms and contractors.
PÖTTINGER declares war on wear

The wear that occurs during the operation of farm machinery depends on many factors. Especially in soil preparation, wear plays a central role. The characteristics of the soil, working speed and working depth determine the rate of wear to a large extent. As the effects of wear increase, so does the change in geometry of the tillage tools. These changes not only effect the working depth, but also the cutting angle and the penetration of the implement. Poorer working quality and increased power requirement plus higher diesel consumption are the result. Loads of reasons, why you need to fight wear now! Thats exactly what we are doing at PÖTTINGER.

Our innovative technologies and processes to reduce wear


Carburising is a process during the heat treatment of steel. The steel is heated to a temperature of around 960 degrees Celsius and the surface of the steel is enriched with carbon. Afterwards the outside of the steel is harder and more resistant to wear. The core, however, remains flexible. This prevents fractures and cracks from occurring when the material is subjected to stress.

Deposition welding (armouring) with tungsten carbide weld filler

Tillage tools (such as plough shares) are thermally coated. This involves hard tungsten carbide particles becoming embedded in the surface of the softer steel substrate material. The process produces a very good layer of wear protection. Nothing changes regarding the cut and entry angle of the wear part. The effective hard layer applied to the side facing the direction of travel increases the service life, but not the draft. The smooth upper surface still ensures that the soil flows across effective this process has the advantage of a self-sharpening effect on the cutting edge of the wear part. We use deposition welding technology (also known as armouring) especially in areas where a reduction in edge wear has priority, such as on our DURASTAR cultivator points and wings, DURASTAR reversible points and DURASTAR mould boards.

Tungsten carbide coating

Tungsten carbide is formed by the reduction of tungsten oxide and carbon. It is extremely hard and offers excellent durability in abrasive operating conditions. The tungsten carbide coating guarantees the exceptional toughness of PÖTTINGER wear parts. At PÖTTINGER we protect components such as DURASTAR power harrow tines and DURASTAR scrapers on packer rollers by applying a tungsten carbide coating.



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