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Ploughing in stony soil with the NOVA hydromechanical trip leg system

Ploughing in stony soil with the NOVA hydromechanical trip leg system

Full performance in stony soil at the same time as avoiding damage using the hydraulic overload protection system

SERVO NOVA ploughs with stone protection provide safety. Ploughing without stopping means full productivity even in stony soil. 

A hydraulic overload protection system with adjustable triggering force protects the plough against damage. This system has a very clever triggering pressure system: the leg does not trip until the set resistance has been reached. Then the pressure required to trigger the leg reduces as the leg rises. No digging or loosening of big rocks. This protects the whole plough.

  • On re-penetrating the soil, the pressure increases to ensure reliable penetration in heavy, dry soil.
  • Set the trigger point quickly and easily using the pressure gauge on the headstock.


These talented performers with hydraulic furrow width adjustment and hydraulic trip leg system offer maximum reliability and flexibility.

Proven system

With its variable hydraulic triggering pressure, the SERVO NOVA system adapts the plough to different soil types. Each pair of plough bodies has its own hydraulic accumulator which allows upward movement to the side by up to 40 cm. The lubricated pivot points and additional shear bolts guarantee a long service life. The central filling system is standard on all SERVO NOVA ploughs.

  • Smooth, flexible triggering protects both plough and tractor.
  • The gas accumulators are mounted on the inside of the plough legs for protection.
  • Spring-mounted disc coulters roll over rocks without the risk of damage.

NEW: SERVO 45 M PLUS NOVA (up to 5 furrows, up to 240 hp)



Contact your dealership now to secure an attractive deal.

You also benefit from the DURASTAR reversible points, which are standard
NEW: Available immediately, the new SERVO 45 M plough models are at your PÖTTINGER dealership.


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