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TOP 422 A, 462 A, TOP 632 A, 692 A

TOP 422 A, 462 A, TOP 632 A, 692 A

PÖTTINGER launches new single rotor and twin rotor rakes

In developing its products, agricultural technology manufacturer PÖTTINGER has focussed on high forage quality, perfect ground tracking and cost effective usage of forage as a basic ration. Rakes featuring the latest technical developments take these requirements into account. For the 2021 grassland season PÖTTINGER is launching two new models of trailed single rotor rake and trailed twin rotor rake. The TOP 422 A and 462 A are single rotor rakes with working widths of 4.20 and 4.60 m. The TOP 632 A is a twin rotor model that rakes a single 3.40 m swath with a working width of 6.30 m, or two swaths with a working width of 6.80 m. The TOP 692 A rakes 3.70 - 6.90 m with one swath or a working width of 7.40 m with two swaths.


High output with small tractors

The trailed single rotor rakes are designed for larger working widths with small tractors. Thanks to the trailed design, no load is exerted on the tractor hitch. One of their key advantages is that they are easy to attach and detach. Thanks to the parallelogram drawbar, both the TOP 422 A and the slightly larger TOP 462 A can be hitched to the tractor linkage bar or ring hitch. Convenience is also a top priority for the single rotor rakes, with the rake lifting hydraulically into the transport position without having to leave the cab. The hydraulic cylinder on the chassis and drawbar provide 50 cm of ground clearance.

Perfect ground tracking is supported by the tandem axles. Equipped as standard with 18.5 x 8.5‑8 flotation tyres, the machine runs very smoothly during road transport as well.


Ultimate ground tracking

The TOP 632 A and TOP 692 A rakes feature an extremely manoeuvrable and strong frame. Both of the new trailed twin rotor rakes are equipped with tandem axles as standard. These rakes stand out in terms of ground tracking when fitted with the optional double jockey wheels inside the rotor arc, as well as the optional field-proven MULTITAST tracking wheels in front of the rotor. In addition, the frame is designed so that the two rotor units can ride over every undulation in the ground completely independently of each other. The rear rotor is mounted in gimbals and the large freedom of movement provided by the frame joints enables three dimensional tracking. Perfect vertical freedom of movement is provided by a joint directly behind the angular gearbox. Transverse movement of the rear rotor unit is enabled by a pivot bearing mounted within the frame itself, and by a universal joint between the rear frame beam and the rotor unit. This "suppleness" protects the tines and makes sure nothing is left behind. 


Reliable and strong

In addition to first class ground tracking, stability on steep terrain is a major issue: the wide chassis on the TOP 632 A and TOP 692 A twin rotor rakes are designed precisely for this. The chassis can be additionally supported by optional AS tyres on wider axles to provide even more grip.

The frame for the second rotor is mounted 650 mm in front of the centre of the first rotor. This ensures the rake stays on track when working on slopes and also provides enough overlap when cornering. The drawbar is equipped with a large support plate to provide extra stability on steep ground and when cornering.

The rotors are lifted hydraulically to drive over swaths and at headland turns. Thanks to the high ground clearance of 50 cm, even large swaths remain intact when they are driven over.


Another positive aspect in terms of convenience is the hydraulic working width adjustment. Depending on the volume of forage, the working width can be varied as required and optimally adapted to the pick-up of the next machine. An additional advantage is that the driver can choose between two single swaths or one double swath.

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