New pneumatic seed drill: AEROSEM 1002

The new generation of pneumatic seed drills

The new generation of pneumatic seed drills - AEROSEM 1002 - has been completely revised by Pöttinger to deliver unique technology and the highest level of flexibility. Using the latest developments such as PCS Precision Combi Seeding and IDS Intelligent Distributor System, these pneumatic seed drills enter a completely new league.

The AEROSEM 1002 series is available in working widths of 3 and 4 metres. The seed drill is mounted over the rear roller of the leading tillage implement, such as a FOX compact combo, LION power harrow or TERRADISC multiline disc harrow. The centre of gravity of the compact machine is located close to the tractor.




The seed hopper has a volume of 1,250 litres. The large opening with a width of 2.2 m makes it easy to fill, allowing BigBags to be emptied quickly and easily. An agitator ensures uniform flow of seed material to the metering system at all times.

The machine is also equipped with a hydraulic blower drive system that produces 4000 rpm with just 25 litres of oil. Oil consumption is minimised and precisely adjusted to the required air flowrate. The blower is extremely smooth running thanks to its rugged, thick-walled aluminium casing.

The metering system enables seed material to be drilled at between 1.5 kg and 340 kg at driving speeds of up to 12 kph. Depending on the type of seed, the metering wheels can be exchanged quickly and easily. Replacing the metering wheel is a straightforward process that can be taken care of very quickly. Calibration is also a quick and easy process. A calibration pan on rails is inserted from the side.

Mechanical or electric versions of the metering drive system are available. Tramline switching is included as standard equipment.

The mechanical metering system is driven by a land wheel on the left-hand side of the machine. The land wheel is positioned within the working width of 3 metres. The infinitely-variable oil-submerged transmission is located on the left next to the platform. The calibration test is performed using a hand crank. A hydraulic land wheel lifting system is available as an option. The straightforward and intuitive COMPASS control terminal is used to operate the tramline system, included as standard, using back-lit keys and graphic display. The COMPASS control terminal also offers calibration test, speed indicator, partial and total hectare counter, metering shaft and seed hopper level indicator functions.

The electric metering drive version offers infinitely-variable seed flowrate adjustment including a seed library using the POWER CONTROL control terminal or the tractor's ISOBUS. Calibration is performed conveniently at the press of a button so that the metering system automatically feeds the correct amount into the calibration tray. The speed signal for metering is provided by a DGPS sensor. Additional advantages include priming and that no land wheel projects to the rear of the machine. The metering flowrate is also reduced automatically when using tramlines or half-width drilling.

The new AEROSEM is available with 3-row trailed coulters, 2-row single-disc coulters or 2-row DUAL DISC coulters and can be adapted to any operating conditions.


Silver medal for: Unique patented IDS intelligent distribution system

IDS is a unique system worldwide that guarantees a consistent flow of seed to each row, saving seed material usage. The unique, completely new IDS distribution system meets all the specifications demanded by the market. It is based on an electrical metering drive controlled by a POWER CONTROL terminal or the tractor's ISOBUS system. The distributor head offers the full range of tramline widths, track widths, special tramline modes, dual tramline systems and half-width switching to the left or right. The seed flow is reduced automatically for tramlines and half rail switching. All outlets are controlled by a BUS system.

Because any of the above parameters can be applied, the machine offers ultimate flexibility for every situation and requirement. That is top-class customer proximity.



Silver medal for Precision Combi Seeding System PCS

Individual seed drilling technology integrated into a pneumatic seed drill

With the new development of the AEROSEM pneumatic seed drill, Pöttinger has come up with a unique capability: integrating individual seed drilling technology into a standard pneumatic seed drill. The advantages of both worlds have been united in one machine that is especially suitable for drilling maize and sunflowers. The drill is fitted with up to 10 individual seed elements for a row spacing of 37.5 cm or 75 cm (and 12.5 cm on the AEROSEM ADD). Application-specific fertilization is also built into this machine: using the standard metering system with a distributor head add-on, fertilizer can be applied between the seed rows. Grass seed can also be drilled simultaneously, combined with individual seed drilling, to provide optimum erosion protection. Another step into the future!


The technical features in detail

The seed hopper is divided into two segments, 400 litres are available for individual seed drilling (there are no individual tanks for each row) and approx. 850 litres is available for fertilizer or grass seed. Switching between normal drilling and individual seed drilling is performed by moving the partition between the two segments. A seed level indicator is provided on both sides.

The individual seed metering elements are located beneath the additional funnel, i.e. a maximum of 10 rows (working width 4 metres) is possible. The individual seed metering system is driven independently of the standard metering system. The seed separation system is mechanical, with the individual grains then conveyed to the coulter under pressure. This guarantees precise separation without a vertical drop so that the seeds are equally spaced along the groove.

The large sized DUAL-DISCs are essential for precision seed placement: they push trash to the side without pressing harvest residues into the soil. In combination with the integrated seed groove former, this system achieves a uniform, tidy seed groove. The stopper roller catches the seed emerging from the air hose and presses it down so that it cannot roll away, ensuring plants are evenly spaced. Repacking and depth guidance are controlled using the proven standard pressure roller. Placement depth is adjustable on the left and right sides of the drill.

The machine is operated using the POWER CONTROL terminal, CCI terminal or the tractor's ISOBUS system. The row spacing, seed gap within the groove and seed per hectare can be entered into the system. The seed flow rate can easily be adjusted without have to swap drive chains/wheels etc. There is also a constant indication of drilling quality as a mean value and deviation from longitudinal spacing by optical sensors monitoring each seed row. Conventional calibration is now a thing of the past - this is the ultimate in convenience and accuracy for the farming professional.

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