BOSS 3000 MASTER, the new benchmark

BOSS 3000 MASTER, the new benchmark

The new loader wagon for small farms and alpine terrain

PÖTTINGER, the world market leader in loader wagons, sets more milestones in the loader wagon segment following the success of its JUMBO high-performance loader wagons. The BOSS 3000 MASTER complements the product range of loader wagons for smaller scale farm businesses and farms in the foothills of the Alps. The engineers have succeeded in reducing maintenance requirements to a minimum with a loading unit developed from the ground up, while at the same time significantly increasing throughput capacity. In addition, new smart options, previously only available on the larger wagons, are now also available for the BOSS. This powerful yet compact wagon also meets the demands for maximum forage conservation. It is available in four sizes from 18.7 to 26.5 m³ (DIN). Two of them also with beater rotors. The BOSS 3000 MASTER series is available from 01 August 2022.


EVOMATIC - the innovative loading unit

In terms of throughput and cost effectiveness, the innovative EVOMATIC loading unit delivers an impressive 25 percent more loading power and runs extremely smoothly. The conveying elements are bolted to a shaft. Wear and maintenance work are significantly reduced as a result. The geometry of the tines and the transfer throat that increases in cross-section towards the rear ensure that the crop is handled gentle. As standard, the BOSS is equipped without knives. Six knives can be slotted in as an option. The knife bank with 16 or 31 knives can be folded out by an optional hydraulic system and then swung out alongside using EASYMOVE. All the knives are individually protected against foreign objects. The new loading unit is therefore suitable for bringing in the daily basic ration, classic silage operations, and for harvesting hay and straw with tractors up to 130 hp.


At home everywhere

Thanks to the numerous equipment options as a high or low profile loader wagon with single or tandem axles, the BOSS is extremely versatile. For example, a single axle low loader (LP) model without suspension, combined with a low drawbar, ensures maximum stability on steep ground. A tandem axle with suspension and a parallel lift drawbar ensures the best ride at up to 40 kph on the road.


Full flexibility also with beater rotors

The models with beater rotors are available with load capacities of 20.5 and 23.1 m³ - the BOSS 3210 DB and BOSS 3240 DB. The two beater rotors can be supplemented by a third if required. A cross conveyor belt is also available. This is driven mechanically and therefore has no extra demands on the tractor. If the cross conveyor belt is not needed, it can simply be pushed under the loader wagon. For working with hay, the beater rotors can now easily be removed in just a few minutes, increasing the loading space by approx. 1 m³. 


Pick-up PÖTTINGER style

The pick-up with an effective width of 1.800 mm (DIN) has a freedom of movement of 120 mm at the outermost tine. In especially demanding terrain, a trailing jockey wheel chassis further improves ground tracking. Ground tracking can also be optimised with the AUTOTAST active parallel lift drawbar. This gives the pick-up the maximum arc of movement in bumpy terrain. Another of the pick-up's special features is that it is driven by a V-belt. This is wear-free and can ideally accommodate the floating action of the pick-up. Naturally, the five tine carriers are controlled from the side by a cam track. This ensures clean and tidy raking and safe transfer of forage to the loading unit in all conditions. A crop swath roller is also standard.


Simply ingenious

In addition to the advantages of the lightweight dry forage extension with hydraulic folding option, crop could still get stuck between the struts or fall out. This is now a thing of the past: Optional nets can be used to line the chamber, they are easy to install, and are very light. Cleaning and load retention system are significantly improved. In addition, a practical automatic loading system is now available for the dry forage extension. For longer working days, an LED lighting package is also available.


ISOBUS for all

With ISOBUS compatibility even for the simplest kit, PÖTTINGER is responding to the increasingly modern tractors even at the lower end of the power range. An extra control terminal is still available if required, of course. The new SELECT CONTROL terminal now offers a 4.6" touch screen in addition to eight function keys. The loader wagon can be equipped in three levels:

  • from simple pre-select control with the functions implemented by the tractor spool valve
  • to automatic features with a hydraulic system for the scraper floor
  • to load-sensing hydraulics with functions implemented directly from the terminal


Focus on maintenance and cleaning

In addition to reduced maintenance thanks to the new EVOMATIC loading unit and the pick-up's V-belt drive, users can rest assured regarding other maintenance aspects. The chain drive on the loading unit is greased by a lubrication system as standard. If any maintenance is needed, the wagon indicates the job in the service counter, which is also standard. Optimised hydraulics routing, large maintenance openings, plastic body panels and slanting mudguards make it easy to clean the wagon at the end of the season.


The new BOSS 3000 MASTER series from PÖTTINGER is a versatile loader wagon that is a big performer in the small wagon segment thanks to its maximum efficiency, perfect ground tracking and modern control system.

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