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Maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness in swath formation

The latest generation of mower combinations made by Pöttinger, the NOVACAT A10 series, has a new addition: the NOVACAT A10 COLLECTOR. Developed for the greatest cost effectiveness, reliability and extended service life, the NOVACAT A10 COLLECTOR also meets all expectations in terms of operating convenience.

COLLECTOR: highly flexible operation

Because the belts can be pivoted separately, maximum flexibility during swath formation is guaranteed. For example, operation with one belt down and the other belt up forms a wide centre swath, making it even possible to form a swath when mowing the outer pass along the edge of a field. Thanks to the integrated conveyor belt monitor, mower blockages due to the cross conveyor belts not being switched on are avoided: an acoustic warning signal indicates that the conveyor belts are not switched on while they are in the working position.

The cross conveyor belts are mounted directly on the mower units, but are not equipped with their own hydraulic system; instead, they are driven by the tractor's powerful hydraulics - a cost effective solution. Moreover, this machine is much lighter than conventional mower combinations, which also has a positive effect on its cost effectiveness. The hydraulic weight alleviation system reduces wear and increases the service life of the machine as a result. In addition, the weight alleviation system reduces the ash content of the forage while lowering fuel consumption. Overall, the weight alleviation contributes to increased cost effectiveness.

The optional accelerator roller can be mechanically height-adjusted to regulate the swath width to form narrow, compact swaths, even with high volumes of forage. This increases the service life of the conveyor belt and optimises its efficiency. A swath comb is also available as an option for operating the COLLECTOR belts to one side. This enables compact swaths to be formed on one side only.

The well known compact parking dimensions of the NOVACAT A10 also apply to the COLLECTOR version thanks to its parking stands. The NOVACAT A10 COLLECTOR is also compact during transport: at a transport height of 4.0 m and with 28 cm of ground clearance, high transport speeds are possible at the same time as eliminating the risk of damage occurring during transport.

Convenient to use

The NOVACAT A10 COLLECTOR features a Select Control terminal as standard equipment. One double-acting spool valve is required to operate the whole mower unit, while one single acting connection with return line is needed to drive the cross conveyor belts. Pre-selecting the mower units, the working width adjustment as well as the cross conveyor belt settings can be done conveniently using the Select Control terminal. The transport interlocks are operated hydraulically and the weight alleviation is set using shut-off valves. The cross conveyor belts are driven by the tractor's hydraulics. The speed of the cross conveyor belts is regulated mechanically using a hydraulic valve.

As an option, a Power Control terminal is available featuring automatic functions as well as load-sensing as standard. Because all functions are controlled by ISOBUS, the mower can be operated directly using the control terminal. When used with certain John Deere and Fendt tractors, the working width is controlled automatically using the tractor's steering angle signal. An electronic speed regulation system is also available for controlling the speed of the cross conveyor belts. On slopes, this system can be used to increase the speed of the cross conveyor belt facing down hill.

Both control terminals have an integrated maintenance warning system for optimum maintenance management. For further convenience, the greasing points are grouped together. The first greasing interval is after 25 hours; after that it is only once every 50 hours. The first gear oil change is after 50 hours; after that it is only once every 250 hours. A central greasing point is available as an option.

Working width adjustment for perfect mowing quality

The NOVACAT A10 COLLECTOR can be used as a front/rear combination (headstock for 3.0 or 3.5 m front mower) and is extremely versatile. A hydraulic shift range of 400 mm on either side ensures ideal overlap and perfect mowing quality. The optional automatic working width adjustment uses the tractor's steering angle signal to automatically adjust the overlap of the mowers when cornering. This makes sure that the maximum working width is used without feathering. This system requires ISOBUS and a tractor that outputs a suitable steering angle signal such as the John Deere R series or a Fendt with Vario Guide.

The optional incline-dependent side shift system detects the current incline of the mower and uses a hydraulic side shift system to make use of the maximum possible mowing width while ensuring that no feathers are left standing. At the same time, the speed of the cross conveyor belt is regulated automatically depending on the current incline of the slope and the position of the side shift system. At the headland turn, the side shift setting is swapped between the left and right as soon as a change in incline is detected.

The high ground clearance from 37 to 55 cm guarantees rapid turning times at the headland and no forage contamination, since the swath remains intact when it is driven over by the tractor. In addition, the new Y DRIVE driveline and the hydraulic NONSTOP LIFT collision safety device on each side are also unique.

The mower combination is available in the following versions: with swath formers without conditioners, with ED tine conditioners, with EC roller conditioners and with ED COLLECTOR swath merging with conveyor belts. Hydraulic cutter bar weight alleviation is included on all models.

Y DRIVE – the driveline for the new generation

The special Y DRIVE input gearbox with bevel cut gears features an output shaft on the opposite side. This has the advantage that longer standard PTO shafts can be used with less of an angle in operation. The backlash-free driveline using standard PTO shafts has been made possible by locating the overload clutches at the gearbox and by optimising the gear ratios. A constant velocity joint in the inside mower drum provides a stress-free link between the angular gearbox and the cutter bar.

The result is a smooth running system that offers a higher output, even in tough conditions and in the headland position. This also extends service life significantly.

NONSTOP LIFT - the new hydraulic collision safety device

NONSTOP LIFT is an innovative technology that offers the best protection to the cutter bar. Fitted on both sides, the collision safety device enables the cutter bar to avoid obstructions efficiently. The boom is mounted on gimbals and is hydraulically preloaded by a triangular arm making it a special feature. The triggering pressure is displayed at the pressure gauge and is easily adjusted. When triggered, the boom folds backwards on the triangular frame and is simultaneously raised at the front by the gimbal - a three-dimensional collision safety system. The mower avoids impact with the obstruction so that damage to the cutter bar is prevented at higher driving speeds.

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