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HIT 8.9 T

HIT 8.9 T

Clean forage, clean machine

The new HIT 8.9 T is a compact, cost effective, efficient tedder with a working width of 8.86 m that can be powered by tractors with as little as 60 horsepower. Like all tedders in the latest Pöttinger generation, the heart of the new HIT 8.9 T is the innovative DYNATECH rotor unit.
DYNATECH guarantees clean and tidy operation:

  • tidy crop pick-up,
  • clean forage,
  • tidy spread pattern and a
  • clean machine.
A small rotor diameter of 1.42 m delivers a cleanly tedded crop. Optimum ground tracking of the individual rotors ensures clean forage and minimises raw ash contamination. The forage is distributed tidily and uniformly to form a neat spread pattern. The spreading angle can be adjusted on each rotor in five different positions without the need for tools, resulting in the best match to forage conditions. Thanks to the swept shape of the arms, the crop cannot snag and there is no wrapping around the rotor. This keeps the rotors free of forage, resulting in a clean machine.


The unique rotor geometry offers even more advantages: forage is picked up more easily and is subjected to less of a beating between the tine arms, meaning lower losses due to disintegration. This careful uptake is achieved by the sweeping arms that 'pull' the tines. The tines are under less stress, so service life is increased as a result. The proven, closed tine saver system is also integrated. The tine carrier arms are precisely positioned on the rotor dish and are bolted to the hub. This guarantees even better stability at no increase in weight. Large gears and bearings on the DYNATECH rotors ensure smooth operation.

The unique LIFTMATIC PLUS lifting mechanism gives the tedder a true headland position that provides major advantages: high ground clearance, swaths remain undamaged when driven over, unrestricted reversing and improved manoeuvrability. How LIFTMATIC PLUS works: a double cylinder moves the rotors via a motion link into the horizontal position, and then raises them. This intelligent hydraulic control system prevents tines from contacting or penetrating the ground.

The new tedder is also compact in storage: thanks to its low storage height (2,70 m), it takes up very little space.

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