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Smart forage harvest

PÖTTINGER also offers intelligent electronic features for forage harvesting. This enables you to use your machine in an even more purpose specific manner and achieve maximum utilisation.


Use the maximum possible working width

To ensure that your work delivers the highest output and is as convenient as possible, we offer an automatic side-shift system. This feature is offered for the NOVACAT A10 mower combination.



Steering angle dependent side shift

The hydraulic cylinders integrated into the booms can shift the cutter bars on each side by up to 400 mm. If your tractor is equipped with a steering angle sensor, then the steering signal when cornering can be sent to your machine via ISOBUS. The mower responds by automatically adjusting the mowing width. On a right-hand corner, for example, the right-hand cutter bar automatically shifts inwards (see image). This ensures sufficient overlap with the front mower so that no grass escape the cutter bars. When driving straight ahead, the mower units are automatically shifted out again to the maximum possible working width. Using this system ensures that you make the most of the maximum possible working width.


Automatic ground pressure control: First class ground tracking


Consistent ground pressure during mowing is a prerequisite for clean cut forage and conservation of the sward. With the NOVACAT A10 mower combination you benefit from automatic ground pressure control to ensure the optimum float of the mower at all times - even on uneven ground and thus lay the foundation for quality forage.

At the control panel (either POWER CONTROL or ISOBUS terminal) you first determine the ground pressure required. In automatic mode the mower combination is controlled so that the ground pressure of the mower unit is always consistent. The automatic ground pressure control also ensures a considerable reduction in wear and fuel consumption costs. Your sward is protected and you benefit from optimal growing conditions.


Your driver assistance system: Intelligent trailed axles


We offer you a smart electronic feature for all FARO, EUROPROFI, TORRO and JUMBO loader wagons so that you can always drive safely and comfortably with your loader wagon. With the aid of the intelligent trailed axle, it is possible - even without ISOBUS - for your loader wagon to automatically lock the self-steering axle when critical values are reached in any operating conditions. This is particularly important on slopes to ensure that the loader wagon remains safe and stable.

In advance, you define at the terminal the speed and inclination limits at which the axle is to be locked. A direction-of-rotation sensor on the trailed axle detects the direction of rotation and the speed and locks the axle within the defined speed range. In addition, an inclination sensor locks the axle when the defined inclination is reached. If required, a warning can be displayed on the screen if a defined inclination value is exceeded. This takes the stress off the driver and at the same time you are on the safe side.


Forage conservation at the highest level. Loading torque sensor


A uniform power curve during loading without torque peaks is what distinguishes a modern loader wagon with automatic loading and it is one of the prerequisites for careful forage handling. On all EUROPROFI, TORRO and JUMBO loader wagons, a loading torque sensor on the gearbox in combination with a sensor in the front panel ensures a smooth loading process adapted to the respective harvest conditions. The loading torque sensor measures the force acting on the rotor. If this reaches the limit value set in the tractor cab, the scraper floor is activated automatically so that there is less resistance for the rotor and the forage is protected. Even with difficult or changeable harvesting conditions, you can ensure an optimum forage structure. If you are aiming for a dry matter content of around 35 %, the loading strategy can be flexibly adjusted in the tractor cab even if the dry matter values deviate from this.


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