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A shared language

How machine and tractor communicate, even if they are from different manufacturers

Communicating in a common language is what stands behind the term ISOBUS. The need for this stemmed from the fact that each agricultural machinery manufacturer originally developed its own electronics solution. This was an obstacle for any farmer whose machinery consists of equipment from different manufacturers.

ISOBUS refers to the standardised communication system between tractor and implement using standardised hardware and software that is not limited to a single manufacturer: This really makes your daily work a great deal easier.


More convenience using ISOBUS

ISOBUS eliminates isolated solutions by establishing a standardised, compatible connection between tractor and implement, which should work with all combinations using "plug and play": Simply plug the ISOBUS plug into the ISOBUS socket and you are ready to go. A single ISOBUS terminal replaces the large number of implement-specific terminals inside the tractor cab.

ISOBUS technology standardises not only the communication between tractors and implements, but also the data transfer between agricultural machinery and farm office software. ISOBUS is therefore the foundation for networked agricultural operations. Precision farming and intelligent data management would not be possible without ISOBUS.

* Source: www.aef-online.org

The right solution for every requirement

A modern ISOBUS system consists of various components, including tractor, terminal and implement. It always depends on what the terminal and attachments are able to do in each situation - and what equipment options have been installed. This is where the ISOBUS functions come into play.

ISOBUS functions are independent modules or building blocks within the ISOBUS system. These work as soon as they are included in all the components involved.

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