Unloading in no time with the JUMBO combiline

Unloading in no time with the JUMBO combiline

Higher performance scraper floor for faster unloading

The JUMBO combiline silage and harvest transport wagon is now even more suitable for bringing organic material to biogas plants. Higher performance thanks to faster unloading and higher travelling speeds. Rapid unloading has always been a positive extra on various transport wagons, especially when used in a biogas plant convoy. Now the JUMBO combiline is also equipped with the necessary unloading speed: the 7210 and 10010 models feature a reinforced scraper floor that is considerably faster than standard systems. With this extra portion of technical finesse Pöttinger has again reinforced the versatility of this combination wagon.
JUMBO 7210 combiline

The JUMBO 7210 and 10010 combiline series is equipped with a 6-chain scraper floor and integrated 2-speed drive system. Another differentiating feature is the hydraulic valve block which delivers a flow rate of up to 130 litres per minute.

Unloading speed based on JUMBO 7210 L combiline, assuming 180 l/min supplied by tractor:
Scraper floor speed Unloading time
Previously   14 m/min 70 sec.
New 24 m/min 40 sec.

Thanks to the new high-performance scraper floor, unloading times are up to 40 % faster! This improvement is ideal for every kind of silage convoy.

The new scraper floor with 6 chains and 2 motors

The new hydraulic bloc provides the drive on JUMBO 7210 and 10010 combiline