Autocut sees stars

Autocut sees stars

Knife sharpening system wins another award

AGROMEK, the largest agricultural show in northern Europe, took place between 30 November and 3 December in Herning (DK). Pöttinger has been highly successful in Denmark for 10 years now, represented by its own "Mr. Pöttinger".
Naturally, the Austrian ag-tech manufacturer also took part in the Danish trade show in its anniversary year to present the highlights of its product range. In addition to the loader wagon flagship – the JUMBO 10010 combiline – we also exhibited mowers, rakes and various tillage equipment. The JUMBO combination wagon was equipped with autocut, the automatic knife sharpening system. This was even demonstrated "live" at the Pöttinger stand. The multiple award-winning innovation attracted more than just interest from the visitors to the stand. As is often the case at these events, the agricultural show in Herning gives awards to special innovations. The highest award here is three stars. The criterion for three stars: the product has to feature a new operating or design concept and significantly improve performance, comfort and cost effectiveness. From the 173 innovations submitted, 21 were awarded the three stars. The jury presented the high-profile award of three stars to the multiple award-winning "autocut" system by Pöttinger. The Danish jury of specialists were clearly impressed with the automatic knife sharpening system on the loader wagon.

Live demonstration of autocut

Tanja Andlinger (Area Sales Manager) and Lars Andreasen (Customer Service, Denmark) proudly present the autocut

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