Pöttinger autocut goes from success to success

Pöttinger autocut goes from success to success

A major milestone in the 50-year success story

Back in 1963 Pöttinger was one of the pioneers in developing the loader wagon.  Today - 50 years later - the Austrian agricultural machinery specialist is the worldwide market leader in this sector. "Innovations that make life easier for our customers" was the motto when Pöttinger launched the automatic knife sharpening system onto the market in 2009, immediately reaping a number of international awards as a result. Currently, more than half the loader wagons sold are equipped with autocut.

50 years of loader wagons

Successful "stay sharp" campaign
The knife sharpening system on Pöttinger JUMBO, JUMBO combiline and TORRO loader wagons enables the knives to be sharpened automatically on the loader wagon, adding a new level of convenience. This system considerably reduces time spent on maintenance while ensuring optimum chopping quality at all times, reduced energy consumption  and increased performance.
Current solutions require the knives to be removed from the loader wagon and sharpened in the workshop. Usually, knives are changed just once, at the end of a working day, but the knives inevitably become blunter and blunter as the day wears on. This can increase the power requirement by up to 15 percent. Diesel consumption increases in direct proportion.
 Automatic sharpening can take place during a break and the driver does not need to clean and grind the knives after a long working day. The Pöttinger system provides a considerable gain in convenience as well as ensuring maximum cost-effectiveness.  

Klaus Pöttinger (right) congratulates Graham Rae on his new TORRO with autocut
autocut goes from success to success

Satisfied customers confirm best working quality at lower harvesting cost. For many farmers the automatic knife sharpening system on the loader wagon is an important purchase decision-making criterion. At the moment more than half the wagons sold (JUMBO, JUMBO combiline and TORRO) are equipped with this system. "Autocut is now a must-have on the loader wagon, which is why we decided in favour of Pöttinger", says Graham Rae, a Scottish contractor, who took delivery of his loader wagon in person at the plant in Grieskirchen / Austria in December 2012. His TORRO was also the 10,000th loader wagon to be manufactured on the modern loader wagon assembly line.
With autocut Pöttinger again clearly proves its power for innovation and sets a major milestone in the 50-year success story. 

Detailed view of autocut

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